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Now is your opportunity to nominate one or more outstanding staff members appointed through the Norman campus for a monetary award. These awards are given to staff members for outstanding job performance. The staff members nominated must meet certain qualifications that are listed below. Please read the qualifications and instructions carefully and fill out this form to nominate a staff member whose job performance enhances the University. You may recommend as many staff members as you like, but each recommendation must be submitted on a separate form.

Please write short statements answering the questions on this form. RETURN THE COMPLETED, SIGNED FORM TO: Awards Committee, Staff Senate Office, 116 NEL (Nuclear Engineering Laboratory) Building by Noon Friday, February 9, 2018. If you have questions or need help, call the office at 325-4672.

QUALIFICATIONS: The staff member must be appointed through the Norman Campus for at least three consecutive years as of February 9, 2018, not counting student or other temporary employment, with an FTE of 50% or greater. The staff member must not have received a monetary award from the same Staff Senate member group within the past three years. Faculty, student and other temporary employees, and executive officers are not eligible for recognition through this program.

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Quality of job performance, service and dedication to the University as demonstrated by personal activity or achievement in behalf of the University or any of its organizational units, community service or special personal activities. NOTE: Staff Senate will forward your nomination to the appropriate member group who will assign the award.

EVALUATION PROCESS: Each member group will establish a selection committee comprised of staff from that group. Each member of the committee will evaluate the recommendation forms to obtain one score for each person recommended. These scores will then be added together and averaged to get the top scores. (The committee may seek supporting information from the nominee's supervisor or director as deemed necessary to make the selection.)

Group Award
of awards

Hourly Employees Council George Lynn Cross Superior Performance Award 1 $1500
Distinguished Performance Award 9 $1000

Informational Staff Association Waintroob/Myers Superior Performance Award 1 $1500
Distinguished Performance Award 3 $1000

Organizational Staff Council Katie Pursley Superior Performance Award 1 $1500
Distinguished Performance Award 3 $1000

Administrative Staff Council E. Neal Stone Superior Performance Award 1 $1500

(A group may elect not to present all of the awards to which it is entitled.)

To fill out a recommendation form for merit awards, click here Word icon.


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