Wednesday February 20, 2013



Chair Chris Cook called the meeting to order at 1:41 p.m. in the Sooner Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.


Officers present – Chris Cook, Chair; Amanda Pai, Chair-Elect; Cathy Trujillo, Recording Secretary


Officers absent – Fran Stephens, Immediate Past Chair


Staff present – Melissa Lane, Administrative Coordinator


Representatives present – Hourly Employees Council: Carolyn Taylor, David Houck, Julie Hamburger, John Bishop, Kim Haddad, David Kizer; Informational Staff Association: Gordan Carrie, Priscilla Crawford, Bruce Alcock, Elaine Bradshaw; Organizational Staff Council: Nancy Matthews, Betty Love, Chris McNabb; Administrative Staff Council: Jennifer Doughty, Robbie Wahnee


Representatives absent — Hourly Employees Council:  Cindy Simpson, Cecilia McEwen, Jack Shoopman, Laura Shoopman, Carmen Eppler, Sena Golden; Informational Staff Association: Shawn Gralla, Connie Smith; Organizational Staff Council: Reta Tarver, Jackie Downing, Justin Daniels


Guests present — Cathy Yeaman, Lezlie Marsh, and Dan Hough




On motion by John Bishop, the minutes of the January 16, 2013, Staff Senate meeting were accepted.




Chris did not meet with Nick Hathaway, Vice President for Executive and Administrative Affairs as scheduled in February. He was unable to meet due to unforeseen circumstance. Nick apologized and expressed his willingness to find time for us if anything comes up. 


Chris expressed his intention to invite the new Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Les Hoven, to a future Staff Senate meeting.


Finally, he was asked to spread the word about Flight Camp this summer:


“The OU Sooner Flight Academy summer flight camps challenge children and youth ages 6-18 to learn the principles of flight using science and mathematics. Campers engage in hands-on activities which demonstrate the science, technology, engineering and math of the exciting world of flight.  Partial scholarships are available (deadline May 1st).  Registration opens March 1st and ends two business days before the beginning of each camp session.  Camp is M-F 8:30am-3:30pm (extended hours available).  Space is limited.  Prices vary by age.  Learn more at  Our email address is




Administrative Staff Council:  President Jennifer Doughty reported that Fitness and Recreation spoke to the group, and they finalized the picnic food for Staff Week.


Hourly Employees Council:  President Carolyn Taylor reported that they did not meet in February but took care of business via email.  They have filled one of the 3 vacancies with new member, Vicki Pollock, and are working to fill the others.  Everything is on track with the Ice Cream Social.  The voting sheets for HEC nominations have been sent out to all hourly employees.


Informational Staff Association:  President Gordan Carrie reported that they toured the Confucius Center, followed by a short business meeting in which they discussed plans for Staff Week.


Organizational Staff Council:  Representative Betty Love reported that Amanda Pai brought copies of the new sexual harassment training to share with the members. Kristi Wright gave an update on her Tax ID number research. Cathy Trujillo reported that the Operating Guide Committee continues to make progress and hope to have a draft to present in a few months. OSC now has a new website thanks to Justin Daniels. He has asked the members to look at the new site and come to the March meeting with suggestions and comments.  Jackie Downing confirmed that they have reserved the McCasland Field House for the morning bingo session.  They passed a minor change in their Bylaws, and after the business meeting Dr. David Miller presented his research on Robotics.




Awards Committee:  By email Chair Liz Cooley reported that they went over the task timeline and are on schedule.  Each Sub-Committee reported:  Food & Facility – received a $500 donation that will go toward cost of food, decided on black table cloths, and voted on the writing for the cakes.  Hospitality – Dan will re-contact special guest to make sure Awards Ceremony is on their calendar.  Decorations – Marcum’s Nursery will let us borrow greenery for the stage and committee will decorate the containers.  Properties & Publicity – waiting on results of Merit Award winners to schedule pictures in March.


Communications Committee:  By email Chair Gina Powell reported that they did not meet but are working on the Staff Senate Facebook page and creating a newsletter for Staff Week announcements.


Staff Initiatives Committee:  Chair Dan Hough reported that they have had two meetings since the last Staff Senate meeting.  On January 28 they discussed the Career Paths proposal and decided to gather further information.  They also discussed ways to increase staff morale, mentioning better promotion of the Employee Discount Plan and some other ideas.  On February 18 they discussed blood donation and volunteerism leave policies.  They are gathering more info on these, in particular, whether and/or how much costs would be to the University.  Further discussion was postponed of Career Paths until they can meet with Facilities Management on their program.  They continued discussion on Employee Discount Plan and hope to discuss with HR personnel at next meeting.


Staff Week Committee:  By email Chair Terri Smith reported that they chose the spring t-shirt design.  The sale will begin 02/25/13 and end 03/11/13.  They discussed how many vendors they currently have signed up for both the Craft and Health Fair and are about at normal or slightly above for this time.  They discussed prize solicitation and have a good number of prizes already collected. 




Employee Benefits Committee:  Debbie Copp reported by email that they did not meet.




The following reports were linked to the February agenda:


Staff Senate Foundation account report


Minutes of Employment Benefits Committee meeting for September 2012










As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:53 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Lane

Administrative Coordinator


Cathy Trujillo

Recording Secretary