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Hourly Employees Council 2016-2017


President: Kristen Holmes, Open Records
President designate: Ross Mehl, Registration and Records
Immediate past president: John Bishop, OUPD
Secretary-treasurer: Emilie Bozek, Forum and Conference Services

Group I representatives ( Architecture; Arts and Sciences; Business; Education; Engineering; Research; Fine Arts; and Library)
Lynn Crussel Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum (filling remainder of 2014-2017)
Vacant (2015-2018)
Jamie Aldridge, Education Instruction (2016-2019)

Group II representatives (Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences; Earth and Energy; Surveys; Goddard; Liberal Studies; OCCE; and Press)
Cecilia Holmes, Child Support Care Call Center(2014-2017)
Chuck Wantland, Registration and Records (Filling remainder of 2015-2018)
Dalton Brasington, Petroleum and Geological Engineering (2016-2019)

Group III representatives (Graduate College; University College; Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program; College of Journalism; Honors College; College of Law; Administrative I; and Administrative II)
Brittany Elliott,University Collections (filling remainder of 2014-2017)
Michael Roddy, OUPD (2015-2018)
Crystal Ary, Admissions (2016-2019)

Group IV representatives (Athletics; Auxiliary; Architectural and Engineering Services)
Darrell McClure, Fleet Services (2014-2017)
Dennis Erfourth, SNOMNH (2015-2018)
Trevor Morgan, CART (2016-2019)

Group V representatives (Food Service; and Housing)
Mark Bloomer, Housing and Food Services (filling remainder of 2014-2017)
Sherrie Sanders, Housing and Food Services (2015-2018)
Nick McCracken, Housing and Food Services (2015-2018)

Group VI representatives (Custodial and Maintenance; and Facilities Management)
Jason Lingle, Landscape and Grounds (filling remainder of 2014-2017)
Travis Wheeler, Environmental Systems (2015-2018)
David Kizer, Facilities Management (2016-2019)


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