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Wednesday, June 15, 2016



Chair-Elect Matthew Rom called the meeting to order at 1:34 p.m. in the Sooner Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.
Officers present – Matthew Rom, Chair-Elect; John Bishop, Immediate Past Chair; Emilie Bozek, Recording Secretary

Officers absent – Debbie Copp, Chair

Staff present – Melissa Lane, Administrative Coordinator

Representatives present – Hourly Employees Council: David Kizer, Judy Oliger, Sharrie Sanders, Stephanie Gerhard, Dennis Erfourth, Liz Cooley, Cecilia Holmes;  Informational Staff Association: Dan Hough, Corey Helms, Sarah Connelly; Organizational Staff Council: Betty Love, Daveena Stratton, Chase Abbott, Marissa Pierson, Julia Rouse; Administrative Staff Council: Sue-Anna Miller, Paul Arcaroli

Representatives absent — Hourly Employees Council: Kristen Holmes, Ross Mehl, Chuck Wantland, Eric Grubbs, Donna Stephens; Informational Staff Association: Carl Sinclair, Richard Snelling, Priscilla Crawford; Organizational Staff Council: Kristi Wright

Guests present — Drew Allensworth


On motion by Dan Hough, the minutes of May 18, 2016, Staff Senate meeting were accepted.


Matthew Rom reported that Dianna Biggerstaff from Human Resources will attend the July Staff Senate meeting. A topic of discussion will be the new white collar exemption rule. Matthew also asked for input on future meeting ideas from the Senate. The goal will be to have a program at each meeting providing an overview of campus programs and services. Members in attendance indicated they thought having a program during meetings was a good idea. Matthew stated that he would meet with the executive committee in August to develop a list of speakers.


Administrative Staff Council:  President Sue-Anna Miller reported that they have not met.

Hourly Employees Council:  President John Bishop reported that they have not met.

Informational Staff Association:  President Dan Hough reported that they held its annual meeting and elections on June 1 at the IT Store Community Space.  We invited our merit award winners and nominees to the meeting and served popsicles from Epic pops as refreshments.  The election results are: Elaine Bradshaw, President-elect, Sarah Connelly, Secretary/Treasurer, Jennifer Trimmer, Activities Coordinator  New Council members:  Tyler Nunley, Cathy Yeaman, Christine Young, Rochelle Hines, and Francey Freeman
Organizational Staff Council:  President Betty Love reported that Matthew Rom gave a Staff Senate report; they discussed the new law requiring select monthly employees to be moved to hourly; the ramifications on OSC membership and the budget challenges for the immediate future of OU.  It was decided that they would wait for guidance from Staff Senate and do business as usual until instructed to do otherwise – regarding OSC membership and election of officers and representatives.  New officers were elected.  Marissa Pierson was elected Vice President/President-Elect, Jackie Downing, Daveena Stratton, Julia Rouse and Rhonda Hill were elected as OSC Staff Senate Representatives.  Fran Stephens, Cathy Brister and Jeremy Oxenford were elected OSC Representatives.  Incumbent officers that will remain in place are Diana Fitzpatrick as Secretary, Andrea Flores as Treasurer, Matthew Rom as Website Coordinator, Rhonda Hill and Shannon Overstreet will serve as Activities Coordinator.


Awards Committee:  Chair Liz Cooley reported that they did not meet.

Communications Committee:  By email Chair Gina Powell reported that they did not meet.

Staff Initiatives Committee:  By email Chair Marilyn Korhonen reported that they did not meet.

Staff Week Committee:  By email Chair Cathy Brister reported that they did not meet.


Employee Benefits Committee:  Debbie Copp reported the following by email: I. HR Announcements: Angela Hawpe has moved to the HSC Campus and will serve as director of Human Resources for OUHSC. Breion Rollins has been promoted Angela’s position on the Norman campus. Effective June 1, 2016. There were four responses to the RFP for a new consultant. Purchasing is negotiating with selected vendor and that will be announced at June EBC meeting. We are looking for a four-year agreement.  II. University Budget Issues: It is anticipated that the budget cut will be near 16%. At that amount, it will be hard to shield employees. Current things to be done include a tuition increase, leaving vacancies open and offering the retirement incentive. Have to protect the mission of the institution so believe that layoffs and RIFs will be the last thing to happen. Delaying contributions to new employees could produce $1,000,000 on Norman campus. Think it would be a one-year delay. Will continue to encourage people to save on their own. Will also continue to think about proportional reductions – that reductions will be the same percentage – and will continue to emphasize least impact on those who have least opportunity to react and offset cuts. Also talked about the wages of pre-1995 folks who are receiving a larger contribution, by percentage, and how this benefit was to help offset lower salaries at that time. Also talked about the preference between a short-term cut in salaries vs. short-term cut in contributions. The consensus was that a cut in salary would also impact the contribution amount, making it a multi-level cut so we should look at cuts in contributions first and foremost. Will continue to harvest whatever savings we have from the current plan and look for other cost-savings opportunities going forward. III. Wellness: Shared a PowerPoint presentation on a wellness program that is offered by Magellan. Looks good and is working on rolling out a program for the summer to help employees cut blood sugar through diet. Creating a portal that will create a “one step shop.” Have to become prepared to handle tobacco incentive which goes into effect with 2017 plan. Have started health screenings again and the schedule fills very quickly. IV. Retirement Update: More discussion on the University’s 2017 budget and the potential impact for all of us. How do we compare with other institutions (important to look at benefit comparisons within the compensation packages offered – have to look at the total picture and not just the benefits offered). Working with OTRS on the impact FLSA changes will have on our employees. Particularly important because of the different types of employees we have (exempt vs. non-exempt) and how the FLSA changes will affect that. What if a currently non-exempt employee becomes an exempt employee but has made the “irrevocable” decision to opt out of OTRS? Does irrevocable always mean irrevocable?


The following reports were linked to the June agenda:

Staff Senate Foundation account report

Minutes of Employment Benefits Committee meeting for April 2016



Approval of recommended nominations to University and campus councils, committees and boards:  The list of recommended nominees was linked to the agenda.  Sue-Anna Miller moved to accept the slate of nominees and send them forward to President Boren the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Election of Recording Secretary for 2016-2017: Matthew Rom said the nominating committee was recommending Emilie Bozek for the position of Staff Senate Recording Secretary for 2016-2014.  Matthew Rom called for nominations from the floor.  There were none.  Liz Cooley moved to accept the nomination by acclamation.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Election of Chair-Elect for 2016-2017: Matthew Rom said the nominating committee was recommending John Bishop for the position of Staff Senate Chair-Elect for 2016-2017.  Matthew Rom called for nominations from the floor.  There were none.  David Kizer moved to accept the nomination by acclamation.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


John Bishop announced move-in dates for the students will be August 10, 17, and 18.

Matthew Rom brought up the Norman storm water utility discussion that will be placed on an upcoming ballot for vote.


As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:02 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Lane
Administrative Coordinator

Emilie Bozek
Recording Secretary

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