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Wednesday, April 17, 2019



Chair Justin Daniels called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m. in the Scholars Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.
Officers present – Justin Daniels, Chair; Sarah Connelly, Chair-Elect; Ross Mehl, Recording Secretary

Officers absent – John Bishop, Immediate Past Chair

Staff present – Melissa Lane, Administrative Coordinator

Representatives present – Hourly Employees Council: Crystal Ary, Paul Box, Ashley Price, Julie Hamburger, Kelly Thompson, Suzie Brewer, Joanne Braunbeck, David Kizer, Sharrie Sanders, Kyle Leffler; Informational Staff Association: Corey Helms, Cathy Yeaman, Elaine Bradshaw, Leslie Vennochi, Chris Cook, Rachel Meyer; Organizational Staff Council: Skye Uhlenhake, Shannon Overstreet, Diana Fitzpatrick, Tonya Iman, Jenny Lang; Administrative Staff Council: Patrick McClain

Representatives absent — Hourly Employees Council: Cynthia De La Rosa, Tanya Miller Eager; Organizational Staff Council: Salina Wall

Guests — Jackie Wolf, Robin Stroud, Debra Martinelli Levy, Matthew Rom, Marissa Pierson, Lisa Teel, Darcey Adams Maelzer, Brittney Elliott, Scott Bryant, Sharon Alexander, Marcy Fleming, Sandra Bent, Kelly Poteet, Terri Sarsycki, Katherine McRae, Lee Camargo Quinn, Lori Granec, Carrie Clark, Amanda Cole and Catherine Hall


Lisa Millington, OU Wellness

Kim Thomas, Tony Naranjo and Corey Helms, Computer Standardization Process


On motion by Leslie Vennochi the minutes of March 13, 2019 Staff Senate meeting were accepted.


Chair Justin Daniels said that the past few weeks have been mostly dedicated to preparing for Staff Week. Finalizing awards and the details of the awards ceremony have been a focus along with finalizing budgets for each member group event. I’m very proud of the work that was done by the Merit Awards Selection Committee and want to thank everyone who served on the committee and especially Staff Senate Chair-elect, Sarah Connelly, who chaired. President Gallogly has signed a letter recognizing next week officially as Staff Week and has asked supervision to allow staff members to attend events. We have been asked to give the Provost names for four search committees they are, Dean for Gallogly College of Engineering, Dean for David L Boren College of International Studies, Dean for Price College of Business and Vice Provost for Instruction. There have been 3 names submitted for all these search committees. I want to thank Informational Staff Council President, Corey Helms, for coordinating the Staff Senate video. The video will serve as a great recruiting tool in the future to promote involvement in Staff Senate. Look for the video to be released a week or two following Staff Week. I also want to thank the Staff Week committee, Awards Committee and the member groups for their hard work in planning this year’s Staff Week events. I have continued to communicate with the Staff Senate chairs from Health Sciences Center and Tulsa campus regarding issues that affect all campuses and we are scheduled to meet with all Vice President’s and President Gallogly in May. Following that meeting we will begin to turn operations of Staff Senate over to the chair-elects of each campus and work together to provide a seamless transition. A meeting earlier this week with Faculty Senate was postponed and I expect that to be rescheduled for some time after Staff Week. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do for you and enjoy next week!



Administrative Staff Council:  President Patrick McClain reported that they did not meet this month. Instead we encouraged all members to participate in Staff Week.

Hourly Employees Council:  President Crystal Ary reported that Justin Daniels attended their meeting to discuss the inefficiencies in WorkForce, Justin has been the voice and great advocate of the hourly staff whom WorkFoce negatively affected. We thank you for that!  Since Cody Jaynes is no longer employed with OU HEC needed to elect a new president delegate, Suzie Brewer was elected.  Changes in the Wellness Program was also discussed.  Interdepartmental charges/fees from department to department was another item on their agenda.  Awards process and selection was discussed.  Ice Cream scoopers are being finalized.  Election process was also discussed, we didn’t get the turn out that we were hoping. Changes to that process are more likely to be coming for next year.

Informational Staff Association:  President Corey Helms reported that they met for a tour of Cross OU. They also conducted a brief meeting where they discussed the upcoming Staff Week Art Show and brainstormed potential perks/benefits for staff.

Organizational Staff Council:  President Skye Uhlenhake reported that after the usual business items were discussed, they discussed the process and projected dates for the Benefits RFP. They did the volunteer schedule for the quilt and Bingo; tickets will be sold at all Staff Week events.  They also went over some payroll issues and concerns. 


Awards Committee:  By email Chair Liz Cooley reported that they assembled all the awards for the Ceremony on April 24.  They will meet again at 10:00 am for the Ceremony.

Communications Committee:  By email Chair Leora Kirby reported that they recently finished editing the Staff Week Announcement that details the events and the food that will be served each day.  The newsletter was sent to all staff on April 9.

Staff Initiatives Committee:  Chair Marissa Pierson reported that the Shared Leave sub-committee gave an update after the meeting with Human Resources representatives.  The sub-committee will have a summary next month listing some concerns and requests. Most requests will pertain to more communication about the program. The Staff Tuition Waiver sub-committee spoke with the Associate Dean of the Graduate College on how the changes to the graduate tuition and fees may affect staff.  Thus far, the change has shown as a benefit to staff.  Data from the Bursar’s office is still being collected to start a proposal for a 100 percent waiver.

Staff Week Committee:  By email Chair Trisha Cole reported that they met April 3, 2019.  This was their last official meeting.  Qualtrics survey for Grand prizes will be on going during staff week until midnight Thursday.  They are using this digital version instead of paper tickets this year.  This went out yesterday.  They have many prizes that we are getting prepared and sorting today.  There are 30 Health Fair vendors and 49 Craft Fair vendors.  Newsletter went out this month regarding Staff Week.  They are just about ready for Staff Week next week!!



Inclusion and Diversity Ad Hoc Committee:  Co-Chair Cathy Yeaman reported that the committee met and reviewed and approved the revised Committee Charge as suggested by Staff Senate Executive committee. Their booth at the Health Fair during Staff Week was confirmed.  They are looking for volunteers to staff the table in addition to Rochelle Hines.  Discussed moving the date and/or time of the SDEIC meetings to allow more attendance by members. Sharon Alexander has agreed to be the Event Coordinator.  They discussed possible speakers for our upcoming May and June meetings to include Dr. George Henderson in May and Jackie Wolf with Human Resources in June.  They will seek Dr. Jane Irungu to speak to the group when they reconvene next fall.  Dr. Chelle Guttery with Disability Resources and Accessibility Center spoke. She gave a great history of the ADA.  She also spoke about DRC populations, groups, included information about what the DRC does and provides for staff and students. 


Employee Benefits Committee:  Matthew Rom reported that they meet tomorrow.


The following reports were linked to the April agenda:

Staff Senate Foundation account report

Minutes of Employment Benefits Committee meeting for January 2019


New Ideas for Staff Senate Involvement: Justin Daniels reported that the video will be coming out a few weeks after Staff Week.


Staff Merit Awards Selection Committee:  Sarah Connelly reported that they met early in the spring semester to discuss the new committee and approve a process for evaluating nominations. They finalized a scoring sheet and decided that each committee member (the Chair is not a voting member of the committee) would score the nominees. Then, the Chair compiled all the scores and produced a ranked list. The committee then met again after Spring Break to discuss the outcome with the additional information of each nominee’s member group included. The committee then finalized all the award winners. We are currently working on reviewing the nomination form and our process this year to make recommendations for the committee next year.

Updates from Jackie Wolfe:  The three open Executive Committee searches are moving along.  Jackie wanted to extend her support for Staff Week.  A brochure was handed out about Building a more Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture.  She also addressed some handbook changes that were made, there was only one policy addition that was made based on Regents Policy everything else was grammatical errors.  On the Human Resources site there is a list of all changes that were made.



As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:39 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Lane
Administrative Coordinator

Ross Mehl
Recording Secretary

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