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Wednesday, March 14, 2018



Chair Elect Justin Daniels called the meeting to order at 1:34 p.m. in the Sooner Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.
Officers present – Justin Daniels, Chair-Elect Matthew Rom, Immediate Past Chair; Emilie Bozek, Recording Secretary

Officers absent – John Bishop, Chair

Staff present – Melissa Lane, Administrative Coordinator

Representatives present – Hourly Employees Council: Crystal Ary, Nick McCracken, Evie Barksdale, Julie Hamburger, Suzie Brewer, Jamie Aldridge, Cody Jaynes, Joanne Braunbeck; Informational Staff Association: Elaine Bradshaw, Chris Cook, Leslie Vennochi; Organizational Staff Council: Marissa Pierson, Shannon Overstreet, Skye Uhlenhake, Diana Fitzpatrick, Betty Love, Juliana Smith; Administrative Staff Council: Jeralyn Woodall

Representatives absent — Informational Staff Association: Cathy Yeaman; Administrative Staff Council: David Corbly

Guests — Ross Mehl, Debbie Copp, and Glen Warshaw


On motion by Diana Fitzpatrick the minutes of November 15, 2017 Staff Senate meeting were accepted.


On motion by Diana Fitzpatrick the minutes of December 20, 2017 Staff Senate meeting were accepted.


On motion by Diana Fitzpatrick the minutes of January 17, 2018Staff Senate meeting were accepted.



Justin communicated the following statement from John:

I apologize for missing the March meeting. I am on the road driving back to Oklahoma from Minnesota after another round of job interviews.

We didn’t meet in February due to a winter storm. We had a lot planned for that meeting including Vice President Nick Hathaway speaking to us about the OU Budget and our financial situation. The State hasn’t decided on a budget, which we normally have by now. The information we have for budget from the state still looks like another cut for higher education. In preparation for the next cut, OU has reduced spending and cut at least 7% quarterly from our budget.

We were also scheduled to talk about the Faculties position on asking the Board of Regents for transparency in the Presidential search. Vice President Nick Hathaway believes that the next President will be announced soon. If you remember President Boren’s statement about this issue, he supported the sealed process. The search process is solely with the Board of Regents and there are seven candidates.  I have a few names of the candidates but they are only rumors.

I hope that everyone has a safe spring break!  I will be returning to Minnesota next Sunday for another job interview but I will be back on the following Thursday.

Thank you Justin for running the March meeting.


Administrative Staff Council:  President Jeralyn Woodall reported that:

 February:  They had approximately 15 members present for the meeting.   Karen Sturtz was nominated and confirmed as the chair of our ASC Awards Committee for 2018.
Debra Vaughn volunteered to Chair our Staff Week Picnic Planning Committee for 2018.

They discussed various themes for the staff week picnic and a couple of issues with last years picnic that they need to address when planning this year’s event.  Several attendees volunteered to help Debra on the planning committee.

The agenda for upcoming meetings was discussed with many ideas for better times, presentations and networking opportunities to get more participation from ASC members.  They will be meeting at 9:00 am this month on the 22nd with Michelle Boydstun presenting the new Online Time System. 

March: They did not meet in February due to the bad weather and the University being closed that day. 

Hourly Employees Council:  President Ross Mehl reported that:

February:  They discussed their upcoming review of the Staff Senate Distinguished Performance Awards, the Ice Cream Social during Staff Week, and a proposed service project that HEC would become involved with (such as April’s “Big Event”).  Additionally, they discussed the Staff Initiative Committee’s proposed Paid Parental Leave Proposal and logistics regarding filling vacancies within the Council. 

March: They will meet tomorrow.

Informational Staff Association:  President Elaine Bradshaw reported that:

 February:  They did not meet in February.  The Art Show and Awards Committees are continuing their work and are communicating via e-mail.

March: They had a guest speaker, Windeon McDowell, who gave a presentation on the OU Food Pantry.  During the question and answer period, ISA discussed possible ways to help the Food Pantry as a group.  Following the presentation, they had a short business meeting.  The Awards Committee chair reported on the selection of this year’s winners.  Those in attendance also discussed possible activities for the April meeting.

Organizational Staff Council:  By email President Marissa Pierson reported that:

February:  They discussed the background on having three bank accounts, deciding it was time to close out one that hasn’t been in use.  The Staff Awards committee was confirmed, along with ideas for potential sponsors of the April meeting. The committee’s thoughts about the presidential search process was also discussed for the Staff Senate letter.

March:  Members signed-up to volunteer at Bingo during Staff Week.  In regard to the staff awards, the winners were announced.  There was also a discussion on communicating the criteria and judging process to the nominating staff since some of the applications were incomplete. The chair-elect also announced she would need to step down, so they announced that vacancy will be voted on next meeting.


Awards Committee:  By email Chair Liz Cooley reported:
February: Awards did not meet because of inclement weather. 

March:  They discussed the upcoming Awards Ceremony and all they have to do for preparation.  The main discussion was gifts for President Boren and Molly.  The committee has designed a plaque for President Boren, for Molly getting a dozen red roses or an “Oklahoma” Rose bush to plant at their home.

Communications Committee:  By email Chair Patricia Koonce reported that they did not meet in February or March.

Staff Initiatives Committee:  Chair Marissa Pierson reported:

February:  The sub-committee submitted a first draft of the proposed parental leave policy.  The committee will provide feedback prior to the next meeting. Questions for the Shared Leave program were also raised after discussing an awareness campaign for the program. Tuition waiver and personal leave changes were tabled as initiatives to discuss after the parental leave and shared leave programs.

March: A draft of the proposed parental leave policy was given to members for feedback, which will be discussed again at the next meeting. Questions about the current shared leave policy were also brought-up. 

Staff Week Committee:  Co-Chair Glen Warshaw reported:

February:  The Staff Week Committee did not meet in February. Staff Week T-Shirts are currently being sold.

March:  The Staff Week Committee met on Wednesday March 7. Craft Fair Entries are due on Friday March 23.


Employee Benefits Committee:    Debbie Copp reported:

January: Norman HR sent out 33 communications, held 25 open meetings around campus, 3 benefit fairs and several open lab sessions to make the process as accessible and understandable as possible. Sarah Vaughn has been and continues to be highly utilized by employees. EAP switched to Cigna Jan. 1. There was a 19% increase in enrollment in HAS and it is now selected by about 7% of our total population. A big increase in short-term disability option was seen, up to 431 from 62. Much more training, in conjunction with Fidelity, is planned for 2018. We had a total of 126 used the SVRI in 2017. Majority retired in December – 63 – and 53 went out the last week of the month. 31% of total eligible accepted SVRI and that is up slightly from 2016. Norman retired 142 employees in 2017, average age down to 64 and we have 498 employees who are eligible to retire. Wellness portal was re-launched in December. In 2017, 3,700 employees join the portal and about 1/3 received a cash incentive. Points required to hit incentives have doubed in 2018. Planning to do lunch and learn weekly and have partnered with Goddard to do blood pressure checks on Friday at various campus locations. Plan to focus on blood sugar in 2018. Working with President’s office to fill vacancies on EBC.

February: Have sent out communications about flu and that Goddard still has flu shots available. Have a telehealth communication to go out in February. 1095Cs have gone out to employees in the group health plan. Continuing to work on gym membership with Cigna. Norman Y not involved and hope to have Sarkeys (on campus) on board later this spring. Will send a communication out about accessing gym membership. Also plan to launch presentations around campus in March/April that will outline the Cigna tools and how to use them. Continuing to work with Fidelity to schedule on campus 1-1s with employees. An email was sent out about and how to utilize the site. The wellness has relaunched the Naturally Slim program, will focus on BP screenings in Feb. as it is heart month. Continuing the lunch and learn series. No plans for campus-wide SVRI in 2018. Will begin looking at 2019 plan in the coming weeks as we continue to monitor high medical claims that we have seen in early part of 2018.


The following reports were linked to the March agenda:

Staff Senate Foundation account report

Minutes of Employment Benefits Committee meeting for October 2017





As there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:04 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Lane
Administrative Coordinator

Emilie Bozek
Recording Secretary


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