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2016-2017 Staff Initiatives Committee

The committee is charged with researching, discussing, reporting and making recommendations on current and proposed policy, as directed by Staff Senate or as identified by the committee, in order to define and promote policies that are in the best interest of OU Staff.



2016 Daveena Stratton, Musical Theatre, Chair organizational staff
2015 LoAn Weger, Human Resources administrative staff
2015 Kristen Holmes, Open Records hourly staff
2015 Marilyn Korhonen, Center for Research Program Development organizational staff
2015 Mari-Ann Stumblingbea, Financial Aid Services organizational staff
2015 Rachel Meyer, Financial Aid informational staff
2016 Paul King, SNOMNH administrative staff
2016 Annette White, CPM hourly staff
2016 Jeffery Alexander, Political Science hourly staff
2016 Vicki Michner, Bizzell Library hourly staff
2016 Jackie Downing, OKAGE organizational staff
2016 Amber Romo, E-Team organizational staff
2016 Sara Mata, Oklahoma Biological Survey organizational staff
2016 Cindy Clark, Vice President for Research organizational staff
Melissa Lane, Staff Senate (ex-officio, nonvoting)

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