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2017-2018 Staff Week Committee

The committee is charged with coordinating, promoting and assisting with the activities of the annual OU Staff Week, which are sponsored by the Staff Senate and its member groups. OU Staff Week is intended to recognize, entertain and inform staff.

Name, Department, Phone
Job Family/Series
2015 Cathy Brister, Political Science Co-Chair organizational staff
2010 Glenn Warshaw, Apartments Co-Chair hourly staff
2010 Tamarra Grayson, Center for Public Management organizational staff
2015 Meisa Miller, Microbiology and Plant Biology organizational staff
2016 Janet Hailey, Marketing & Supply Chain hourly staff
2016 Marla Morris, Outreach Registration and Records hourly staff
2016 Jessica Smith, CPM organizational staff
2016 Gary Epperson, CPM organizational staff
2016 Pamela Cole, CCE organizational staff
2016 Tammy Porter, Human Resources organizational staff
2016 Ann Barnes, CPM organizational staff
2017 Dawn Plummer, Human Resources hourly staff
2017 Trisha Cole, University Development hourly staff
2017 Stephanie Tanner, CART hourly staff
2017 Melissa Stewart, Expository Writing hourly staff
2017 Denise Upchurch, Sooner Suites hourly staff
Melissa Lane, Staff Senate (ex-officio, nonvoting)


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