Object of PiBetaPhi
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"The object of this organization shall be the advancement of its members in the most delicate yet strong friendship, mental assistance in all matters, endeavoring to dispel the gloom from the lives of all around them; To further the cause of religion by exerting an influence of virtue and charity throughout all intercourse, also to enable any member to follow the dictates of her own conscience, knowing that she will be upheld and encouraged in independence. Anything within the bounds of morality shall receive the commendation of her sisters."

Pi Beta Phi offers structured program of activities beneficial to the individual member, the chapter and the campus. Emphasis is placed on personal and group development, leadership training, academic excellence and service to others. The Interest Group concept allows for flexibility and diversity, encouraging the full development of each member’s potential and the involvement of the total chapter membership. Within a framework of high ideals and principles, members have the opportunity to work toward the founding purposes of moral, mental and social advancement.