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Thank you for visiting the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (M.A.P.S) University of Oklahoma Chapter. M.A.P.S is an organization that str ives to provide knowledge, skills, and experience to students who have aspirations of entering the health field. We offer our members opportunities to gain leadership experiences as well as utilize many resources that will help them matriculate through their undergraduate studies and to become a competitive pre-health applicant. We will offer shadowing programs, bi-weekly general meetings and study halls, medical school tours, and many volunteer opportunities. Please join us February 11, 2008 at 7pm (placeTBA)for our first general meeting of the semester. Feel free to navigate through our website and please contact us for any questions. Thank You.



   Current Events:

M.A.P.S will be auctioning off a Kaplan course .The auction is set to begin Tuesday Jan. 23 and run through Jan. 31. Please email or to place bids. We will also have a booth in the Student union Jan. 25 from 11-1 with a representative from Kaplan there if you have any questions!!! Kaplan courses start soon so place your bids ASAP!!!