History of OUBA

In July 1993, Venerable Mun Ya gave a speech in OU. Her speech was about the benefit of practicing Buddhism. Many OU students were inspired and became interested in understanding more about Buddhism.

A few months later, a group of sixteen OU students attended the opening ceremony of International Buddhist Progress Society in Dallas. After hearing an inspired speech by Venerable Hsing Yun, they had gained enough confidence in Buddhism and felt the need to formally organize themselves in studying Buddhism. As a result, at the eighth of October 1994, Oklahoma University Buddhist Association (OUBA) was founded.

The establishment of this association was attributed to the support from the University of Oklahoma, International Buddhist Progress Society, Amitabha Society and University of Central Oklahoma Buddhist Association.


OUBA provides various activities throughout the entire year. These activities include Buddhism seminars and discussions, welcoming and farewell parties, learning camps in Buddhist temples, chantings, etc.


  1. OUBA will promote the teaching and understanding of Buddhism to the members.
  2. OUBA will provide spiritual and educational programs that promote peace, harmony and a high standard of ethical conduct among students.
  3. OUBA will provide an opportunity to members to exchange insights and ideas.
  4. OUBA will foster understanding and communication among members of all national origins.


  1. All students enrolled at the University of Oklahoma shall be eligible for regular membership.
  2. Any alumni, faculty, staff member or spouse of the students shall be eligible for associate membership.
  3. Membership for those that qualify shall be free of charge.
  4. Application forms for membership shall not be required. Send an email to ouba@ou.edu with the subject "Membership", and include in the body of the email your name, email address, and phone number.