A b o u t   O U  M S A


Muslim Student Association is a religious organization in The University of Oklahoma campus. The purpose of MSA is to gather together for the sake of Allah and to show the true meaning of Islam and to undo any misconceptions and stereotypes that people might hold of the religion. The Muslim Students Association was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1980s. Now, Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah), we have an increasingly strong number of Muslims in the community.

The committee

Anosha Syeda

MSA Secretary

Sophomore in Microbiology

E-mail: anosha10@ou.edu

Huma Khan

MSA Public Relations

E-mail: humakhan@ou.edu

Rand Alzubi

MSA Treasurer

Sophomore in Accounting

E-mail: rand.m.alzubi-1@ou.edu

Samer Alzubi

MSA Vice President

Senior in Middle Eastern Studies

E-mail: samer.m.alzubi@ou.edu

Omar Alamoudi

MSA President

Senior in Geophysics 

E-mail: om.alamoudi@ou.edu

Humzah Choudry

Brothers Chair

E-mail: humzah.choudry@ou.edu

Rosanne Salus

Sisters Chair  

E-mail: rosesalus@gmail.com

Thomas Simpkins

Dawah Chair

E-mail: thomas.d.parker.simpkins-1@ou.edu

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