Whereas: Climate change is an important issue to our generation and future generations. The issue must be addressed by the student body, faculty & staff, and the administration; and,
Whereas: As a university we have influence in society, the capable minds and resources, and the diversity of skills needed to address the issue of climate change and accomplish the goal of carbon neutrality; and,
Whereas: There is a compelling interest among the student body to see the issue addressed by student body leaders, faculty/staff, and the administration; and,
Whereas: Student groups, faculty, and staff that are already available to help implement policies to reduce emissions, implement the use of clean, efficient energy, and seek other ways to accomplish the stated goal; and,
Whereas: Currently, there is a campus-wide greenhouse gas emissions inventory being conducted that will calculate how much our campus emits as a whole, where these emissions come from, and in what areas we can make changes; and,
Whereas: The University of Oklahoma should make it a goal to accomplish carbon neutrality by the year 2050; and,
Whereas: The President's Climate Commitment, a nation-wide, multi-university effort toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, provides the administration an opportunity to join other universities from around the country in joining a pledge to reduce campus' impacts on change; and,
Whereas: The Undergraduate Student Congress recognizes and applauds the University of Oklahoma's successful involvement in the Chicago Climate Exchange.
Whereas: Long-term goals include, but are not restricted to: carbon neutrality by the year 2050, using 15% of electricity from purchased or produced renewable energy within the next two years, establishment of policies that new campus buildings be built with U.S. Green Building Council's LEED standards, encouraging increased use of public transportation and encouraged use of bike and pedestrian lanes; and,
Whereas: Short-term solutions discussed include, but are not restricted to: Housing/Greek recycling competitions, IT computer hibernation and 2-sided printing, motion sensor/dimming compact fluorescent light bulbs,increased use of recycled paper, raising awareness as to the importance of stewardship and the real impact of one's consumption (ecological footprint).

Let it therefore be resolved,

Section 1: The University of Oklahoma Undergraduate Student Congress recommends to the University
Section 2: Due to the longevity of this act, it is requested that this bill be updated and reconsidered every two years;
Section 3: Copies of this act shall be sent to:

David L. Boren, President Nicholas Hathaway, Vice President, Executive Affairs Burr Milsap, Associate Vice President, Administrative Affairs Don Carter, Assitant Director, Engineering and Systems Operations Sue-Anna Miller, Assistant Director, Administration and Operations Scott Davis, Assistant Director, Utilities Theta Dempsey, Parking and Transportation Services Kelly Watson, Architectural & Engineering Greg Brezinski, Refuse & Recycling Frank Reid, Electrical Engineer

Author: Rod Jahromi, Vice-Chair of UOSA Matt Felty, Chairman of Problems & Projects Committee Eric Pollard, External Affairs Committee Felipe Armaza, Projects and Problems Committee