History and Purpose

Founded in 1974, the Pan American Association's main purpose began with an emphasis on the culture, heritage, language, and traditions of Iberian-American countries and cultures. Over the years the association has expanded to over 200 members annually, representing cultures from around the world. We host an annual Cultural Night, packed with cultural information as well as performances based upon traditional Iberian-American coutry dances. Our famous parties include cultural songs specific to certain countries, and a wide range of general Latin music including salsa and merengue. Don't miss your opportunity to take part in continuing the evolution of PanAm! Help us continue to organize various activities where people from different cultures can interact, form friendships, and learn from each other.

Events Calendar


More events to be announced...

Executive Officers

Samuel Wilkeson President
A senior majoring in Computer Science, Samuel was born in Tulsa, OK. His current personal projects include building SkyNet.
Victoria Bautista Vice-President
A senior majoring in Political Science, Victoria lives in Guymon, OK when not in school. Born in Bacolod City Philippines, she dreams of one day running the Shadow World government.
Dustye Bailey Advisor
A Masters student in Human Relations, Dustye was born in Bartlesville, OK. Dustye serves both as a Premed advisor and advisor for Panam.
Marco Ramirez Secretary
A senior majoring in Industrial Engineering, hails from La Paz, Bolivia. His current future plans include being Luis Suarez's dentist.
Kenzie Shipp Treasurer
A senior majoring in Financial Risk Management, Kenzie comes from the land of Idabel, OK. Kenzie dreams to become the trophy wife of a Colombian entrepreneur.
Flavio Moreno Logistics Chair
A senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering, Flavio comes from Coban, Guatemala. He was once the runner up for the Armageddon Space Mission.
Zulmita Chavez-Majluf Programming Chair
A senior majoring in Biotechnology, Zulmita reigns from Beni, Bolivia. Zulmita hopes to one day marry the love of her life, Will Smith.
Ari D'acunha Sports Chair
A senior majoring in Finance & International Business, Ari proclaims Lima, Peru as his home. He dreams of one day learning to tie his shoes correctly.
Patrick Curry Webmaster
A senior majoring in Computer Science, Patrick comes from Tulsa, the best city in Oklahoma. Patrick dreams of one day being a part of the McPoyle family.
Jonathan PiazGraphic Designer
Designer of all our posters and graphics needs, Jonathan hails from Guatemala. He dreams of one day trying a PB&J sandwhich.
Diana Rawlings Public Relations
Born in Wimberley, Texas, Diana now resides in Norman. She can recite every word from memory to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Fahed Mokdad Historian
A senior majoring in Economics, Fahed reigns from La Paz, Bolivia. He dreams of one day running his own Bed and Breakfast in the Alps.