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Oklahoma RUF/NEK Traditions

The Big Red Rocket is one of the most famous cars in the state.

As RUF/NEKS, we pledge to continue the traditions of the University of Oklahoma and the traditions of our club.  This sections explains some of our traditions and the reasons behind them. You can click on the names of the traditions to see a picture.

Shotguns Click to see a picture
One of the most famous of our traditions is the firing of our ceremonial shotguns. These guns are carefully modified 12 gauge shotguns that have an extra large barrel. They are fired in the pre-game activities at all home games, as well as the OU/TX game at Dallas. We also fire the guns at events across the state to which we are invited. Every year the title of "Keeper of the Guns" is passed down to someone new. This person is responsible for the upkeep of the shotguns.

Big Red Rocket Click to see a picture
The Big Red Rocket is the 1923 Model-T Ford that was once driven by the Sooners' biggest fan, Cecil Samara. The red and white car has been to every OU home football game since 1950, and has made several trips to Dallas and other bowl games, including 5 Orange Bowls. The car is currently owned by Cecil's daughter, Sissy Tubb, but it is cared for and driven by the RUF/NEKS. Each year new "Cecil Keepers" are chosen to be the main caretakers and drivers of the car.

Sooner Schooner Click to see a picture
In 1965 Dr. M.S. Bartlett and his brother Charles "Buzz" Bartlett donated the original "Sooner Schooner" and the ponies, Boomer & Sooner, to circle the field on game days. After several groups passed on the care-taking of the Schooner, the RUF/NEKS took control of it. In 1980, the University of Oklahoma officially named the Sooner Schooner as its mascot. Today the Schooner is kept in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, at the Bartlett Ranch. We, the RUF/NEKS are still the official caretakers and drivers of the Conestoga wagon, one of America's most famous college mascots. Each year we select one new member to become a Schooner Driver.  These well-trained guys are responsible for driving the Schooner out onto the field after OU touchdowns.

RUF/NEK Paddles Click to see a picture
The famous red and white paddles that the RUF/NEKS carry became a tradition in the 1920's. At the time, many of the members thought it would intimidate the fans at OU ballgames to cheer just a little more for the Sooners. Since then many rumor have circled about the red and white paddles. Today we carry the paddles simply as a symbol of our tradition and pride in our club and our school.

FADADA Click to see a picture
Of all the traditions that we have, this is the most visible. Every home football game when the team runs onto the field, we sprint down the field with our OU flags, and slide into the goalpost. At the goalpost we say a chant that is named FADADA. It is unclear when this tradition started or why it started, but it is known that one of our first members believed that the chant gave the Sooners good luck.

The texas Bet Click to see a picture
Each year a bet is made between the President of the RUF/NEKS and the president of the silver spurs from texas. The bet is that the Sooners will beat the longhorns in the Red River Shootout. After the game the two presidents meet on the turf of the Cotton Bowl to collect on their bet and maybe get a hair cut.  A new tradition has started of the losing club donating $1000 to the winner for various community service projects.

Paint texas Click to see a picture
Each year, on the Monday before the trip to Dallas, the saying on the sidewalk outside of Dale Hall is recoated with fresh paint. This tradition started in the 80's, and is continued today. It reads....."BEAT THE HELL OUT OF texas."

The official name of our club has long been The Royal Order of the Unshaven. This name came from the tradition of not shaving after a Sooner loss. Once the Sooners had won their next victory, we would then shave. Each year we have a contest to see who can grow the "best beard." This contest is usually held during the months of October and November.

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