Who is SPS?

The OU Society of Physics Students (SPS) is the University of Oklahoma chapter of the National Society of Physics Students, a daughter organization of the American Institute of Physics. SPS is a professional society for students of physics, and anyone interested in physics. The goals of the Society include fostering an interest in physics and physics research, promoting friendship among physics students and between students and faculty, and providing information to students about graduate school, grants, scholarships, and research opportunities.

What does SPS do?

Here at OU, SPS conducts most of its activities in Nielsen Hall, home to the Physics Department. We hold General Meetings about once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters, and several other events throughout each semester. In the past, events have included outreach and education at elementary schools (our SeeS program), movie nights, tutoring, holiday parties, outings, and projects. We also host an annual Spring Picnic in Reaves Park, open to the whole department and everyone's friends and families.

How can I join SPS?

Membership in SPS is open to all students (undergraduate or graduate) with an active interest in physics. This isn't limited to physics majors; anyone can join SPS! Local dues are $10 per year (or $5 per semester), and are payable to our Treasurer at any General Meeting. National dues are $20 per year, and include subscriptions to Physics Today, the Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics, the SPS Observer, and free membership in one of the AIP member societies, such as the American Physical Society.

How can I volunteer for SPS?

Volunteers are always needed! SPS conducts many projects and events, and we're always looking to expand our horizons! If you'd like to help out with a particular aspect of running SPS locally, please contact the officer in charge, or just come to one of our meetings! If you have an idea for a project or event that's not currently on our agenda, email the current president to get the discussion started.

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