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The University of Oklahoma
NCAA Athletics Certification Self-Study Report
Submitted to NCAA July 16, 2004

(Peer Review Team visit will be during November)

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Governance and Commitment to Rules Compliance 12
Mission of the Athletics Program and the Institution 12
Institutional Control, Presidential Authority and Shared Responsibility 15
Rules Compliance 23
Academic Integrity 41
Academic Standards 41
Academic Support 48
Scheduling 60
Fiscal Integrity 67
Financial Practices 67
Fiscal Management and Stability 71
Established Fiscal Policies and Procedures 75
Equity, Welfare and Sportsmanship 78
Gender Issues 78
Minority Issues 108
Student-Athlete Welfare 129
Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct 149

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  2. The format of this Report is prescribed by the NCAA for on-line (paperless) submission. The result is limited flexibility, e.g., no italics or bold options (though some are "plugged" in the web format).
  3. For additional information, contact Regents' Professor Greg Kunesh (325-0538), Regents' Professor Dan Gibbens ( 325-4768), or Associate Athletics Director Stephanie Rempe (325-8210).