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Sooner Discovery Academics


Sooner Discovery students will enroll in two 4-week courses, earning 5 college credit hours. Students will select a general education course from a pre-approved list, as well as enroll in a University College Seminar course that is designed to prepare students for rigorous college classes and help explore the college admission process.

Sooner Discovery Students in Class

Sooner Discovery Courses

Sooner Discovery students will enroll in two 4-week courses earning 5 college credit hours:

  • One general education course from a pre-approved list (3 hours)
  • University College Seminar Course: Introduction to Academic Discovery (2 hours)

General Education Course

Below are available courses for Sooner Discovery students in the summer of 2020. Courses will be confirmed for students in their advising appointment prior to the program. 

Pre-Approved General Education Course List:

  • COMM 2613: Public Speaking - Develops skill in the composition and delivery of speeches suitable to various common speech situations and criteria for judging speeches heard or read. Topics include: nature of public speaking; choosing and presenting a topic; analyzing an audience; organizing and outlining.
  • A HI 1113 Understanding Art - Explanation and analysis of the principles underlying the visual arts. Consideration of formal, historical and other factors in the valuation and enjoyment of painting, sculpture, architecture and utilitarian objects. 
  • P SC 1113 American Federal Government - A study of the structure, organization and powers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches including relationships between state and national governments. Emphasis upon political processes and popular government; elections, political parties, pressure groups, voting behavior. 
  • HIST 1483 United States History, 1492 to 1865 - A general survey of United States history from its colonial origins to the end of the Civil War, with emphasis upon national political, diplomatic, economic, constitutional, social and intellectual developments. 
  • HIST 1493 United States History, 1865 to Present - A general survey of United States history from the Civil War to the present day, with emphasis upon national political, diplomatic, economic, constitutional, social and intellectual developments. 
  • HES 1823 Scientific Principles of Health and Disease - Students will be exposed to the basic science-based principles needed to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of human health. The course is designed to assist students in the development of a basic understanding of the anatomical structures and physiological process that are critical to understanding the development of various diseased/disorders. Students will apply this knowledge to a fact-based model for choosing and developing appropriate lifestyle and health-related interventions (e.g., exercise, nutrition, stress management), both for health enhancement and disease prevention.
  • HES 2823 Introductory Nutrition - Evaluation of basic composition of nutrients and accessory factors required for adequate human nutrition. Application of nutritional principles to the planning of normal and special dietary regimen. 

Introduction to Academic Discovery

All Sooner Discovery students will be enrolled in Introduction to Academic Discovery, a 2-credit hour University College Seminar course exclusive to the Sooner Discovery program.

  • UCOL 1022: Introduction to Academic Discovery - Students will receive a comprehensive understanding of higher education, college learning techniques, and strategies for academic success. This course will also incorporate visits and presentations at every major college on campus, including presentations and tours from the College of Engineering, Price Business College, National Weather Center, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, Health Sciences Center OKC campus, etc.  

*All Sooner Discovery students will need to be advised by the Concurrent Enrollment Advisor, Haley Lee, before enrolling in OU courses. To schedule an advising appointment, schedule at or call (405) 325 - 5050.

Student Academic Resources

All Sooner Discovery students will enjoy access to all of the university's academic resources. These resources are provided to help students be successful throughout the Sooner Discovery program and later as college freshman. These resouces include:

  • Major and Career Exploration
  • Action Tutoring
  • Writing Center
  • Career Services
  • OU Libraries 
  • Student Life
  • and much more! 

If you have any questions about the program, application, or admissions process, email or call 405-550-3659