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Student Groups: Geography and Environmental Sustainability Club, Earth Rebirth, OUtdoor Club, Students Against Factory Farming Economy, OUr Earth, University of Oklahoma Student Association’s (UOSA) Office of Green Initiatives.

Environmental student activists at OU promote sustainability through different avenues. One is through their student government, which includes a sustainability-specific department with a single mission: to spread environmental awareness. The program sponsors the school’s annual Green Week, where student environmental advocates educate and promote their mission. This usually includes sustainable art shows, bicycle tune-ups, and on-campus farmers markets.

Many environmental advocates at OU also raise awareness through the organization, OUr Earth. The group is the largest student-driven group at the school, and seeks to take action both on their campus and in the greater Oklahoma area. They have actively participated in national Power Shift campaigns since 2009 and continue to advocate for sustainability in their community. Since 2013, OUr Earth, Earth Rebirth, and the other OU environmental groups have chosen to align their separate missions and work toward change on campus together.

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The online Crimson & Green Commitment invites members of the OU community to make a personal pledge to sustainability, encouraging eco-friendly habits in our everyday lives. All students, faculty, and staff can make their commitment by logging into the web application at Make your commitment today!    

American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment

President David Boren

In April 2007, President Boren signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, becoming the first institution’s president in Oklahoma to sign the commitment and one of 152 college and university presidents and chancellors who have become charter signatories of the commitment at that time and pledged to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions over time.  In the fall of 2015, the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment transitioned to Second Nature's Carbon Commitment.  Read more about OU's commitment here.