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Green Tips

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Green Tips for Your Office or Home

Together, we can reduce OU's energy consumption and costs. Your support is appreciated. If you have ideas for energy reduction on campus, contact us at or 405.325.SAVE. We would love to hear your conservation tips.

  • Screen savers do not save energy. Instead put your computer into “sleep mode” by enabling power saving features. When not actively in use, your monitor and hard drive will go into a low power mode.
  • Turn off your monitor when going to lunch or a meeting.
  • Turn off your computer during the evening and on weekends. If the computer must be left on, turn off the monitor.
  • Use the “print preview” option to find potential errors before printing, because saving paper saves energy.
  • Replace regular desk/lamp light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). CFL bulbs provide comparable light to a standard light bulb, but they use between 25 - 75% less energy and generate less heat.
  • In areas that have more than adequate lighting (i.e. corridors or near windows), turn off every other light and/or remove unnecessary bulbs.
  • Try task (or desk) lighting to reduce overhead lighting.
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room, even if only for a minute.
  • Enable power-saving features on all equipment.
  • Use power strips, but turn equipment on and off individually.
  • Buy office equipment with the “Energy Star” label. Energy Star products meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy efficiency criteria.
  • Keep window shades and blinds closed when the sun is directly on the windows.
  • Do not use electric space or radiant heaters; they are a fire hazard and consume enormous amounts of energy.
  • Close fume hood sashes when not in use.
  • If you have a draft from a window or exterior door, call Physical Plant at 405.325.3060.
  • Set your thermostats at 75 degrees during warm weather, or 68 degrees during the winter.