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Green Technology at OU

Embarking on a “green space” endeavor to integrate more environmentally friendly systems and processes into campus technology, OU IT's sustainable practices include:

  • Install kinetic energy (flywheel) generators for uninterruptible power supplies so that the use of batteries is no longer required, the cost to dispose of old batteries is eliminated, and the impact to the environment is reduced
  • Replace individual uninterruptible power supplies with facility-sized supplies that require less power and cooling
  • Consolidate multiple data centers to improve power and cooling efficiency
  • Realize opportunities to achieve energy efficiency by grouping redundant components in one centralized data vs. spread out over several data centers
  • Reduce server footprint space requiring power and cooling by 30% through “virtualization”
  • Design energy-efficient airflow space plans and install specially engineered equipment cabinets that increase cooling efficiency
  • Explore capturing the "spent heat" of the data center to heat other building areas
  • Deploy new servers that have up to 60% less power consumption, yet more computer power
  • Convert to "Energy Star Tech" compliant workstations that run up to 70% more efficiently and continue this replacement plan with each refresh cycle
  • Standardize on "Energy Star" compliant printers that feature a low-power mode and double-sided printing
  • Replace print billing system to provide better tracking and promote approximately 30% reduction in printing waste
  • Continue to replace paper-based systems with online services such as online payment, online enrollment, course management, e-portfolios, document management, and enterprise resource planning systems