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Energy management has been a long standing commitment of the University of Oklahoma's.  Energy conservation efforts and the procurement of electricity from renewable sources has enabled the University to reduce energy consumption per square foot by 20% (compared to Fiscal Year 2012 baseline levels) and emissions more than 60% (compared to Fiscal Year 2008 baseline levels).

The University meters electricity, natural gas, steam, chilled water, domestic (potable) water and untreated well water.  The University initiated metering improvement plans in 2012 to improve the metering infrastructure on campus.  Meters on the electric distribution system were upgraded to smart meters with an automated metering infrastructure in 2013.  The University recently completed upgrades to steam, chilled water and domestic water meters and plans to upgrade natural gas metering in 2024.  Metering data is collected, recorded and analyzed to form the basis of energy efficiency improvements and other capital expenditures to reduce utility usage.  The scope of the metering improvement plan has recently been expanded to invest in a web-based platform which will collect real-time meter data, giving better insight to building and utility system demand.

Email for questions related to campus energy.