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Environmental Concerns Committee

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The Environmental Concerns Committee (ECC) is a public awareness organization.  The ECC is comprised of staff, faculty and student representatives.  To facilitate the practical execution of the ECC’s deliberations and endeavors, its membership comprises two groups.  The first group is made up of nine voting members:  three faculty, three staff, and three students.  Members of the second group serve ex-officio and do not vote. This group is made up of representatives from the following University departments: Administration & Finance, Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Architecture and Engineering Services, Housing & Food, Parking & Transportation, and any other campus department or organization the representation of which is deemed necessary or appropriate for the ECC’s purpose and functions. 

Current Officials

Elected Officials:

  • Chair: Burr Millsap
  • Chair-Elect: Jeffrey Widener
  • Treasurer / Secretary: Alex Nongard 

Voting Members:

  • Elena Bessarabova
  • Suchismita Bhattacharjee
  • Michelle Burke
  • Tom Burns
  • Sara Mata
  • Jessica Murphee
  • Alex Nongard
  • Jeffrey Widener
  • Allyson Wiley

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