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About The Core


The Core, a cutting-edge active learning classroom, is the first of its kind at the University of Oklahoma.  The result of a university-wide collaboration during the spring of 2012, The Core is a showcase space meant to promote active learning and serve as the model learning space for future campus classrooms.  Since the Fall 2012 semester, The Core has been available for teaching, and has been host to a breadth of classes, meetings, and workshops.  In just a short time, the excitement and discussion generated by The Core has helped paved the way for future university investment in active learning.

Teaching in The Core is very different from the more traditional professor-designed lecture course based on “what do students need to know.” Instead, class time is directed by “what do students need to be able to do, and what do they need to know in order to do this?” As a result, most of the course content learning is outside of class, and class time focuses on how to use the content for solving relevant, interesting, and significant problems.