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Tierra Tinta is the graduate student organization of the department of Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics at the University of Oklahoma. Our purpose is to host an annual Modern Languages Conference at OU. The conference will encourage dialogue and research in the fields of Latin American, Spanish and Luso-Brazilian Studies.

Conference Info

2015 Program
        2015 Tierra Tinta Program
  1. Yuri Herrera

    Yuri Herrera

    Mexican writer/Tulane University

Call For Proposals

  1. Eleventh Annual Conference on Latin American, Spanish, French, Francophone and Luso-Brazilian Literatures

    October 15-16, 2015
    Scholars Room of the Student Union
    University of Oklahoma - Norman, Oklahoma

    Information Regarding Proposals

    We welcome papers that explore any aspect of Latin American, Peninsular, French, Francophone and Luso-Brazilian Literatures, Music, Visual Arts or Cinema from any period. We will also consider short creative fiction and poetry.

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