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Student Health Insurance

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OU-Tulsa Student Health Insurance

All students in health science programs (OUHSC-based students) on the OU-Tulsa campus are required by the Board of Regents to have personal health insurance while attending OU-Tulsa. Students in Norman-based programs are not required to have health insurance, but are encouraged to seek coverage. Graduate Assistants and International Students are automatically enrolled. For more information on Student Health Insurance, please visit our new OU-Tulsa Student Health Insurance page.


OU-Tulsa Students in Health Science Center-based Degree Programs

Includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Medicine, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Radiography, and Sonography.

HSC-based students are required by the University to have personal health insurance. Students may purchase the OUHSC student insurance policy with Academic Health Plans, or a policy from another insurance carrier. At each visit to the Student Health Clinic, OUHSC-based students must provide their Student ID and their insurance card. An HSC-based student that does not have health insurance will be reported to the appropriate Dean's office and Student Affairs. Students who are covered by the AHP plan must use the Student Health Clinic as their initial point of contact for care and resource for referrals. Enrollment forms for theAHP insurance are available in the OU-Tulsa Enrollment and Student Financial Services office or online.  

Needle stick supplemental insurance is highly encouraged for those who are at risk for any infection exposure. Macori offers a supplemental Needlestick and Body Fluid Exposure policy. The policy is $20.00 per academic year. It can be purchased by any student no matter what personal insurance they have. For more information on the Needlestick and Body Fluid Exposure Policy, click here.


OU-Tulsa Students in Norman-based degree programs

Including Architecture, Education, Engineering, Human Relations, Library & Information Studies, Organizational Dynamics, Public Administration, Social Work, and Telecommunications.

Norman-based degree students pay a health fee each semester (excluding Liberal Studies students). The health fee goes to support the Student Health Clinic and entitles them to certain services provided by the Student Health Clinic. Norman based students are not required to have personal health insurance, but are encouraged to seek coverage. For more information on health insurance offered through the University, please visit the student insurance website.


Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants through the Tulsa Graduate College are provided health insurance through the OU sponsored student health insurance plan. Once all the personnel paperwork is completed through Human Resources, graduate assistants are automatically enrolled in the program - no further paperwork is required. Graduate Assistants covered by the unviersity health plan must use the Student Health Clinic as their initial point of contact for care and resource for referrals.


International Students

International students are required by the University to have personal health insurance. Initially all international students are enrolled in the Student Health plan offered through their program and campus.  Waivers for students with existing coverage may be available - questions about eligibility for a waiver should be directed to Enrollment and Student Financial Services office, 918-660-3474. Only certain US carriers and policies meet the requirement for health insurance. Payment of the health fee does NOT constitute health insurance coverage and will not satisfy the University requirement.  Information on OU's student coverage is available here.  


Student Insurance

Allied Health Plans is the administrator for the student insurance plan sponsored by the University of Oklahoma and OU-Tulsa. Students may enroll for student insurance online by clicking here or by obtaining an application through Enrollment and Student Financial Services.

It is highly encouraged that students take time to read the Student Health Insurance Summary of Benefits Booklet. This booklet may be accessed online or a copy is available in both the Enrollment & Student Financial Services office and the Student Health Clinic.

Referrals and Claims

Students with the OU student insurance need to seek medical care at the OU-Tulsa Student Health Clinic (unless emergency care is needed, the Student Health Clinic is closed, or care is received 50 or more miles from campus), or they need to obtain a referral from Student Health to receive optimal insurance coverage.

The benefits of the student insurance plan are based upon medical treatment being received from a Preferred Provider Organization. For OU-Tulsa students to obtain maximum coverage at a provider other than the Student Health Clinic, they need to

    1. obtain a referral from Student Health, and
    2. see a Preferred Community Choice PPO provider.

To access a list of Preferred Community Choice providers, students may call toll-free 1-800-884-4776 or visit If a covered person seeks treatment from a non-participating provider, benefits will be reduced to the amount shown on the Schedule of Benefits.Also, when a student sees a provider outside the Student Health Clinic, the student is responsible for filing appropriate paperwork with Academic Health Plans.