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Clinical Pathways

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Clinical Pathways

OUDEM's Clinical Pathways developed from the desire to set down treatment pathways for common, important conditions found in the ED.  Experienced clinicians created each pathway, and each pathway was then reviewed for medical accuracy, ease of use, and clinical applicability in practice environments. The creators of these documents based them as much as possible on existing evidence and peer-reviewed guidelines. Clinicians following one of these clinical pathways can be assured that, for properly selected patients, the pathway leads to nationally accepted treatment that follows the standard of care in Emergency Medicine.

I think that this section of our website is an invaluable resource for our medical students, residents, and Attendings. What this section is not, is a replacement for clinical judgment. Individual variations in the clinical presentation of each unique patient render these pathways best used as an ED care guideline. The experience and professional opinion of each EM physician must be the final word in any patient encounter. It is my hope that these pathways can enter the "toolbox" of all OUDEM clinicians and students.

Joshua Gentges, DO
Director of Evidence-Based Practice

Download Clinical Pathway PDFs: