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Section Background and Goals


The Section of Ultrasound is tasked with leading OUDEM efforts to integrate one of the most important technologies in EM, into the Department’s clinical practice and training. The Section’s importance has been emphasized by the speed with which ultrasound (US) has transitioned from common use to standard of care.

Educational Efforts

Teaching US use and performing necessary quality assurance (QA) are the keystone of the Section's work. Section members overread thousands of images each year, as part of the efforts to maintain credentialing of our residents and faculty.

Since US is a technology with broad clinical applications characterized by varying levels of supporting evidence, the Section works to educate new residents about optimal use of this technology in the ED. As is the case for other areas of EM, the importance of evidence-based practice for US is emphasized in all educational and clinical endeavors.

There are US images presented at every week's didactic conferences, and images (or video clips) constitute material upon which EM residents are regularly tested as part of weekly quizzes. This didactic material complements the residents' ongoing bedside teaching.

In addition to didactics and on-shift bedside teaching, EM residents also have 2-week rotations in applied US during their initial years of training. With OUDEM departmental support, the Section Director spends the entire month of July concentrating on US education; as a result all OUDEM PGY1s have sufficient studies for ACEP-level credentialing by the end of summer.

In addition to educational projects focused on OUDEM personnel, the Section's activities include teaching US to myriad groups ranging from residents in OU's Department of Surgery, to community ED providers.