The show that features the most promising musical acts from the rising Oklahoma music scene.” The Set is now on it’s 11th season/semester. The show was thought of and created years ago by David Burkhart, recent OU Graduate. Although the appearance and structure of the show has changed through the years, the main concept of the show has remained the same, being a musical based show featuring some of Oklahoma’s best bands and singer/songwriters. In its first season, The Set was only a 15-minute show with the thought that it would primarily be a web-based program. With host David Burkhart each show started with a brief documentary style feature on the band leading in to the performance of their first, and typically most popular, song. Later on Burkhart would personally interview the bands and the show would end with a final song. Since then the show has gone through several different student producers which all bought a little of their own personalities slowly morphing the show into what it is today. Today the show is structured in a way where the bands drive the show forward. The show starts with the band playing a song, and then it alternates between band interviews and songs for the remainder of the show. Although the show is directed live, typically with 6 cameras and up to a 24 channel audio mix, a lot of the show is edited in post. The directing is still important to make sure the cameras are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, but editing in post is a good way to perfect (subjective) the show. A lot of times we go out and do field shoots, typically at concerts, and get b-roll for the interview part of the show.