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Undergraduate Research (UR) is mentored intellectual engagement using established scholarly processes to make a meaningful contribution to a project, question, or problem, where the outcomes are presented or performed with review, critique or judgment, and both the process and product are based upon disciplinary standards. The work will be at least partially novel, but may result in a preliminary product, a partial solution, or additional questions for future investigation.

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As an undergraduate researcher, you are getting a start on your professional development. The research that you complete must be communicated to the public and other researchers. You will develop your communication skills and look for ways to present and publish your work.

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Mentoring undergraduate students through the process of research and creative activities is challenging and rewarding! Find resources to help support your efforts, whether you are experienced or a novice. 

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As an undergraduate at OU, you can make intellectual and creative contributions to your chosen field of study. By participating in research with faculty members, engaging in research in a lab, or contributing to the creative process in a studio, you empower your learning and experience to go beyond the classroom and begin your exploration of the world.  Don't wait - research sooner!