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Faculty Mentoring

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First-Year Student Mentoring Program

List of Faculty Mentors  |  Outstanding Mentors


Faculty mentors create nurturing and personalized university experiences for new students, thus easing the transition from high school to college and assisting in the retention and graduation of college students.


  1. Establish relationships with faculty and other students.
  2. Engage in activities on and off campus.
  3. Experience professional and personal growth.
  4. Explore new opportunities.
  5. Expand the student’s understanding of other cultures.

Role of the Student:

Students should be willing to interact with a faculty member in a mentoring partnership. The student must be serious about this commitment and prepared to participate actively in the program during the semester.

Benefits of Having a Mentor:

This program provides the opportunity for students to build relationships with faculty, increase their network base, and gain valuable life experience. It gives the student a chance to become acquainted with someone who is personally interested in the student's well-being and who can assist with the complexities of university life.

How to Enroll:

Enroll in this 0-credit, 0-cost course, UNIV 1210, at

MentorSection           Student Focus
Apanasov, Boris001

All students

Students interested in Math

Carr, Fred002

Out of state students

Students interested in Meterology

Grunstead, Michelle003

Students interested in Business

Students interested in Law

Students who are the first in their family to attend college (first-generation)

Cavazos, Jenel004

Students who are the first in their family to attend college (first-generation)

Students from small towns

Students interested in Psychology

Davis, RC005

Latino students

Chicano students

All students 

Day, Eric006All students
London, David007Students interested in Geology or Geophysics
Moore-Russo, Deborah008

Female students in STEM 

All students

Hill, Christopher009Students interested in Sociology/Criminolgoy
Mintler, Catherine010Students who are working to pay for school and students interested in the Humanities or Gender Studies
Satterthwaite, Shad011Student Veterans
Steward, Sepideh012Students interested in Math
Odeleye, Oluwatobi (Tobi)013Students interested in chemistry or biochemistry
Faculty Mentoring, Get Acquainted Session, 08/22/08
"I think the mentoring program is HELPFUL. My mentor was very GOOD and he seemed to take a REAL INTEREST in what I was doing. During this semester, I knew that I could contact him if I ever needed help."
Two students meet their Faculty Mentor, Dr. Erik Braun, for their UNIV 1210 Faculty Mentoring course for Fall 2011
"As faculty members, we commit to the development of students' education. As mentors, we commit to the development of students."