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Math Assessment

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Math Assessment

Correct placement into the first math course is an important step to a student’s success at OU. Students thrive in a course that is challenging, but not beyond a student's current abilities.

New Students - Fall 2020 Admits

The Mathematics Placement Process

Current Students

The Mathematics Placement Process

Current students who need to place into a math course will take the ALEKS math placement in the Assessment Center located in Wagner Hall. The ALEKS math placement allows you to both determine your current skill level and gives online training to improve your mathematical skills. Used properly, ALEKS will set you on the path to success in your mathematics courses at OU. Review all the information listed below in full before taking the assessment.

Please note, you must take the math assessment before you enroll.   

Take the math assessment:

Visit the OU Assessment Center to complete your math assessment. View hours here. Contact the OU Assessment Center at (405) 325-4336 or

  • Follow the instructions. Do not use any outside resources (books, notes, websites, other people) to assist you when you take the math assessment. Your math success relies on an accurate assessment of your current skills. If a problem allows use of a calculator, one will be provided online, so there is no need for you to bring anything but a pencil and scratch paper. (Additional information about academic integrity may be found in the Student Guide for Academic Integrity.)
  • Relax! If desired, you may take the assessment a total of three times.
  • Review score report and determine placement.  After completing the assessment, students are encouraged to review the score using the pie chart and their placement using the Math Placement Chart. At that point, they will have access to a learning module targeted toward their skill level.  Students are encouraged to use the learning module to refresh and improve their skills before classes begin. Students who actively use the learning module have a greater chance of success in their first math course.
  • Practice in learning modules and retake the assessment, if desired. If students receive a score that places them into the level of math required for their major, they are finished with the assessment process. Review degree sheets to determine Math requirements for various majors. Following the first assessment, the student will have a chance to enter an online learning module and practice in areas where more work is needed. After studying in the learning modules for five hours, students may re-assess if desired.
  • Enroll. During their enrollment appointment, students may discuss their score with their academic advisor and then enroll in the proper Math course.
  • Use resources to succeed. Students are encouraged to utilize available campus resources, including the Math Help Center and Action Tutoring, to insure the successful completion of their Math course.

 Students may take the assessment up to three times. Students are required to study in the learning module for at least five hours before re-assessing.