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MATH Course Placement Chart

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MATH Course Placement Chart

Once students have taken their assessment, they can check their score in the appropriate chart below. The score is not a  percentage, and the assessment is not pass/fail. For example, math placement scores of 45 or higher reflect adequate preparation for college-level math.

Students will not be permitted to take a math course that is above their readiness level (even if only one point away). If students want to place into a higher-level course, they may use their ALEKS learning module to improve their skills and retake the assessment. Additional information about retaking the ALEKS assessment is available here.

Students who are unsure about the Math requirements for selected majors may check OU degree sheets here.

MATH Course PlacementAMP ScoreALEKS Score
DMAT 0113101-20
DMAT 01232021-44
DMAT 0123; MATH 1473; MATH 2213;
SWK 2223; PSY 2003; COMM 2513; PHIL 1113
MATH 1503; MATH 1643;
PSY 2113; PHIL 3113
MATH 1523; MATH 1743
ECON 2843
MATH 18236076-100
MATH 19147078-100