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Located on the north shore of Lake Texoma, the University of Oklahoma Biological Station has provided facilities for research and teaching programs since 1949. The campus includes exceptional research facilities on some 30 acres in southern Oklahoma. Approximately 12 acres of this land is owned by the University of Oklahoma with the balance included in the 282 acres leased from the Army Corp of Engineers. The majority of the land leased from the Corp is undeveloped and maintained as a "natural habitat area" or Ecological Research Area.

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Boat Houses
UOBS’s two boat houses are located on Lake Texoma along Buncombe Creek.

Carl and Patricia Riggs Library/Administration Building
The 4500 square-foot building houses the UOBS library and administrative offices. The campus library provides a large meeting space for groups with an LCD projector, large projection screen, video conferencing equipment, satellite television and other A/V systems. Numerous scientific books and journals are housed in the library with a first-rate computer lab providing access to the university’s extensive online academic literature resources.

Five classrooms are available with seating capacity for 16 students each. A sixth classroom serves as a 16-unit computer lab.. The 2-story classroom building also contains preserved teaching collections that include insects, birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and a herbarium.

The 2200 square-foot greenhouse, restricted to authorized personnel only, serves the needs of both terrestrial and aquatic researchers. The structure has a total of three different growing areas.

Apartment Building “A” is home to resident faculty and staff only.

Apartment Buildings  “B” and “C” each consist of eight dwellings for a maximum capacity of 92 people. Maximum sleeping capacity is based on one person for each bedding unit per apartment, including rollaway beds and sofa beds. While sleeping capacity may vary from apartment to apartment, each unit generally includes a refrigerator, desk and couch. Each space comes with a heating/cooling unit and a private restroom that includes a sink, toilet and shower. All apartments have access to an outside landing with a striking view of the Lake Texoma.

The Guest Researcher Housing facility is available for occupancy by long-term guest researcher teams (between 1-6 persons per apartment) or guest researchers and accompanying family members.

Laundry Room
A centrally located laundry facility is open to all station guests. The building houses four washers and four dryers as well as a utility sink. The facility also includes a heating/cooling unit.

Brillhart Hall
The station’s Brillhart Hall can house up to 121 people. Other than one large barracks-style room and bathroom facility, all units have a sleeping capacity of 14 people and share a single, private restroom. Rooms vary in size, but generally include a refrigerator, desk and couch. All of the units in the Brillhart Hall have an air conditioning unit, but only a limited number include a heating/cooling unit.

In addition to serving as a residence hall, UOBS’s Food Services operates out of Brillhart Hall. Prepared by the station’s staff, meals (e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served cafeteria-style in the large air-conditioned dining hall. The room has a seating capacity of approximately 109 people. Larger groups dine in shifts. 

Pop machines are available in the lobby of the Brillhart Hall.

Satellite television access is also available  in the building’s game room and the dining hall by prior arrangement

Maintenance Building
The UOBS Maintenance Department is responsible for the station’s upkeep, housekeeping, lawn care and custodial needs in addition to providing direct support to the station's researchers. The department is located within a 2500 square-foot building that is restricted to authorized personnel only.

Pole Barns
The station’s pole barns are used for storage.

Recreational Facilities
The UOBS campus includes an outdoor basketball court, volleyball court and horseshoe pit. Guests also have access to Lake Texoma and a lakeside pavilion ideal for gatherings. Satellite television is available in Brillhart Hall's dining room and game room as well as in the library.  

Main Research Building
The station’s Main Research Building includes offices for faculty, the assistant to the director, postdoctoral associates and graduate students. The building also includes shared lab space and labs maintained for Lawrence Weider and K. David Hambright.

Research Laboratory
The 3–room building provides additional lab space for faculty and staff.

Research Park
The National Science Foundation (NSF) and OU funded Research Park, restricted to authorized personnel, includes artificial mesocosms and streams.

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