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Executive Directors | 2018 - 2019

Dexter Andrews

UPB Exec Team: Danny Becker

Danny Becker
Creative Series Director

Marie Fawad
Outreach Director

UPB Exec Team: Patrick Hanscom

Patrick Hanscom
Membership Director

Audrey Hopewell
Development Director

UPB Exec Team: Riley Mainord

Riley Mainord
Programming Director

Amanda McCollum
Escape Series Director

Rachael Odell
Dancing with the Stars Director

UPB Exec Team: Stephen Pangestu

Stephen Pangestu
Engagement Director

Joseph Quinton
Public Relations Director

Samantha Sabio
Film Series Director

Connor Steenbock
Production Director

Ozzie Willis
Programming Director

UPB Exec Team: Maryllely Chavez

Maryllely Chavez
Fall 2019 Program Director

UPB Exec Team: Melanie Dorr

Melanie Dorr
Fall 2019 Program Director

UPB Exec Team: Lauren Howard

Lauren Howard
Fall 2019 Program Director

UPB Exec Team: Sally Johnson

Sally Johnson
Fall 2019 Program Director

UPB Exec Team: Karaline Petty

Karaline Petty
Fall 2019 Program Director

Union Programming Board's Graduate Assistants

Connie Marie Calimbas

Steven Kappen


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Office Locations

The office of the Union Programming Board Executive Directors is on the third floor of the Archie W. Dunham-Conoco Student Leadership Center in the Oklahoma Memorial Union, located at 900 Asp Avenue in Norman, OK.

The Union Programming Board professional and advisory staff is located on the fourth floor of the Oklahoma Memorial Union in the Union Business Office.


900 Asp Ave., Suite 428

Norman, OK 73019


(405) 325-2113

M-F / 9 a.m.-5 p.m.