Sino-American Security Dialogue

Boulder 2002




Friday May 17

      Afternoon:             Arrive, check in, and relax.

      Evening:                Opening Banquet: Chautauqua Dining Hall.

            (7:30pm-)                    Remarks from David Shambaugh and Jia Qingguo


Saturday May 18


            (8:45-9)                       Opening remarks from Co-Directors Tang Shiping and Peter Gries   

                                    Assurance and Deterrence in International Relations

            Session 1               Lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis (reading: Lebow)             

            (9-10:15)                     Moderator: Colin Dueck

                                                Remarks from Ned Lebow

            Session 2               Lessons from the Arab-Israeli Conflict (reading: Kelman)

            (10:30-11:45)              Moderator: Roland Paris

                                                Remarks from Peter Gries


            Session 3         Assurance and Deterrence in US-China Res. (readings: Garrett and Payne)

            (1:15-2:30)                              Moderator: Steve Chan


      Evening (6pm-):    Restaurant: Oasis Brewery (1095 Canyon Blvd., 303/449-0363)


Sunday May 19


            Session 4         Assurance and Deterrence in US-China Relations

            (9-10:15)                     Moderator: Suisheng (Sam) Zhao

            Session 5         Assurance and Deterrence: Conclusions

            (10:30-11:45)              Moderator: Tim Weston



            Session 6         SASD org. meeting: Conference Products and planning for China 2003

            (1:15-2:30)                              Moderator: Tang Shiping


      Evening:                Closing Banquet: Jax Fishhouse (928 Pearl St., 303/444-1811)

            (6pm-)                         Remarks from Senior Advisor Ned Lebow


Readings: (available at

1.      Kelman, Herbert C. 1999. “The interdependence of Israeli and Palestinian national identities: The role of the other in existential conflicts.” Journal of Social Issues 55.3 (Fall): 581-98.

2.      Richard Ned Lebow, “Assurance/deterrence.” Global Dialogue. Spring 2001.

3.      Banning Garrett, “The Need for Strategic Reassurance in the 21st Century Arms Control Today 31.2 (March 2001)

4.      Keith B. Payne, “Post-Cold War Deterrence and a Taiwan Crisis,” China Brief  1.5 (9/12/2001)


Breakfast (Sat, Sun, Mon, 8-9am) and lunch (Sat, Sun, 11:45-1) served in the Mission House.