Sino-American Security Dialogue (SASD) Annual Retreat

June 17-19, 2005 Shanghai CHINA

The Sino-American Security Dialogue (SASD)
Please download, read, and bring these readings with you to the retreat.
Brzezinski and Mearsheimer, "Clash of the Titans," Foreign Policy, Jan/Feb. 2005.

Buzan and Waever, Regions and Powers, Part I and Part II.


John G. Ikenberry, “American hegemony and East Asian orderAustralian Journal of International Affairs, Volume 58, Number 3 (September 2004)..


Dave Kang, "Why China's Rise Will be Peaceful: Hierarchy and stability in the East Asian Region," forthcoming Perspectives on Politics.


Shambaugh, David, “China Engages Asia: Reshaping the Regional Order International Security, Winter 2004, Vol. 29 Issue 3.  中文


Tang Shiping and Zhang Yunling, “China’s regional strategyPower Shift, Shambaugh ed. forthcoming UC Press, 2005.


Wu Xinbo, "Seeking a New Security Structure in East Asia."