“Domestic Politics and US-China Relations”

Sino-American Security Dialogue (SASD) Annual Retreat

Columbus, Ohio, 4-7 June 2004

2004 Participant List
1. Jia Qingguo (Peking University) [R10pm-M]
2. Jin Canrong, (School of Int. Studies, Remin Univ.)
3. Niu Jun (Peking University) [early arrival]
4. Piao Jianyi, (Inst. of Asia-Pacific Studies, CASS) [R10pm-M]
5. Ruan Zongze (China Inst. of Int. Studies, MOF) [R10pm-M]
6. Tang Shiping (Inst of Asia-Pacific Studies, CASS) [R10pm-M]
7. Wang Yiwei (Fudan University, Shanghai) [F8pm-M8am]
8. Wu Xinbo (Fudan University, Shanghai) [F8pm-M8am]
9. Xu Hui (NDU and CASS) [F2pm-M1pm]
10. Yuan Peng (CICIR) [F2pm-M1pm] [R10pm-M]
11. Zhang Qingmin (China Foreign Affairs College) [R10pm-M]
12. Zhu Feng (Peking University) [F2pm-M1pm]

EXPERTS (on domestic politics and foreign policy)
12. Hopf, Ted (OSU Poli Sci)
13. Waterman, Jeremie (US-China Bus. Coun) [F9pm-S7pm]

1. Carleson, Allen (Cornell) [F5pm-S6pm]
2. Christensen, Tom (Princeton) [F2pm-S8pm]
3. Feiganbaum, Evan (State) [F6pm -S6pm]
4. Fravel, Taylor (MIT) [F5pm-M9am]
5. Gries, Peter (Colorado) [R5pm-M6pm]
6. Medeiros, Evan (RAND) [F6pm-M9am]
7. Mitchell, Derek (CSIS) [F2pm-S7pm]
8. Rigger, Shelley (Davidson) [F9pm-S8pm]
9. Saunders, Phillip (NDU) [F2pm-S7pm]
10. Tanner, Scot (RAND) [F?pm-S?pm]
11. Twomey, Chris (Naval Postgrad. School) [F5pm-S5pm]

14. Herrmann, Rick (OSU Mershon)
15. Andrews, Judy and/or Chris Reed (OSU Asian Studies)
16. Cooper, Mary (OSU Poli Sci)
17. Yu Bin (OSU Mershon)