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Sino-American Security Dialogue 2003 Beijing
Juyongguan Gukezhan Resort (
17-20 October 2003

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“China’s Rise” and US-China Relations in the 21st Century:
Power Transitions and the Question of “Revisionism”

Required Readings:

  • Jonathan M. DiCicco and Jack S. Levy, “Power shifts and problem shifts,” Journal of Conflict Resolution 1999. (Skim/skip discussions of Lakatos)

  • David M. Edelstein, “Managing Uncertainty: Beliefs about Intentions and the Rise of Great Powers,” Security Studies 12.1 (Fall 2002): 1-40.

  • Niu Jun, “中国崛起:话语、形象、思考” (The Rise of China: Rhetoric and Image).

  • Tang Shiping, “The Rise of China as a Security Linchpin,” Asia Times, 21 June 2003.

  • Steve Chan, “Realism, Revisionism, and the Great Powers.” DRAFT: Do not cite.

Strongly Recommended:

  • David Kang, “Getting Asia Wrong,” International Security 27.4 (Spring 2003).

  • Alastair Iain Johnston, “Is China a Status-quo Power?” International Security 27.4 (Spring 2003).

  • David Shambaugh, “The New Stability in U.S.-China Relations.” DRAFT: Do not cite.

  • Aaron Friedberg, “11 Sept. and the Future of Sino-Am. Relations,” Survival 44 (2002).

Friday, Oct. 17th

Participants arrive

12.00 Noon: informal lunch

6.30 PM: Opening Banquet, remarks by Zhang Yunling and David Shambaugh


Saturday, Oct. 18th

7.30 AM: Breakfast 

8.30 AM: Opening Session (moderators Tang Shiping and Peter Gries)

Opening remarks by Tang Shiping, Wang Jisi, and Andrew Watson (Ford)

Getting reacquainted

9.15-10.30: Morning Session I (moderators Tang Shiping and Tom Christensen)

Power Transitions: Concepts and Cases

Papers: Chan, Niu Jun, DiCicco/Levy

10.30-10.45 AM: Break

10.45 AM-12.00 Morning Session II (moderators Iain Johnston and Jia Qingguo)

Conceptualizing Power Transitions: Cultural Differences?

Paper: Kang

Lunch 12-1.30 

Afternoon Session

1.30-4 PM: (Wang Yiwei and Philip Saunders)

Power Transitions: Intentions and the Question of ‘Revisionism’

Papers: Edelstein, Tang, Johnston

Beer, Relax, or Hiking

5.30 PM: Senior Advisor Meeting (plus Andrew Watson)

6.30 PM: Dinner


Sunday, Oct. 19th

            7.30 AM: Breakfast

            8.30 AM: Morning session I (Xu Hui and Evan Medeiros)

Post 9/11 US-China Relations: Cooperation or Conflict?

Papers: Shambaugh, Friedberg

10.15 AM: Break

10.30 AM: Morning session II (moderators Wu Xinbo and Shelley Rigger)        

Managing Perceptions: Culture, History, Media

12.00 Noon: Lunch

Afternoon: Free

4.30-6 PM: Concluding Session (moderators Ruan Zongze and Adam Segal)

     Lessons and Policy Recommendations

     6-6.30 PM: Preparing for SASD 2004 Columbus (moderators Yu Bin and Gries)

6.30 PM: Closing Banquet (remarks by Peter Gries, Wang Jisi, and Tang Shiping)



Oct. 20th

7.30 AM: Breakfast

8.30 AM: Check out, transportation to Beijing downtown/airport/Beijing University

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