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2017 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature:
Wang Anyi Banquet video

Acceptance and Reading (in Chinese & English)
得獎致辭 (双语) 王安忆,第五纽曼华语文学奖获奖者
Wang Anyi, The Fifth Newman Laureate
Translated and read by Andrea Lingenfelter, U. of San Francisco


The Newman Prize for Chinese Literature
Peter Gries, Director, Institute for U.S.-China Issues

China Studies at OU
Paul Bell, Chairman of the Board, OU Confucius Institute

The Politics of Culture in US-China Relations
Orville Schell, Director, Asia Society Center on US-China Relations

Presentation of the Newman Young Poet’s Awards to:
Colby Baumann, Elementary School Winner
Jennifer Sosa, Middle School Winner
Elizabeth Blazek, High School Winner
Lindsay Jones, College/Adult Winner
by Jonathan Stalling, OU, with Harold J. and Ruth Newman

Tribute to Wang Anyi
戴锦华, 北京大学; Dai Jinhua, Peking University
Translated by Jennifer Feeley, U. of Iowa, & read by R.C. Davis, OU

Presentation of the 2017 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature
Harold J. and Ruth Newman