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Political Psychology of US-China Relations Research Program

Research Agenda Workshop / Advisory Board Retreat
Friday, October 23, 2009, Norman, Oklahoma


I. U.S.-China relations
Chairs: Zhang Qingmin (Peking University) and Iain Johnston (Harvard)
Questions: From the Chinese and American perspectives, what are the most pressing policy issues in U.S.-China relations today? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese and American scholarship on U.S.-China relations?

II. Cross-cultural psychology
Chairs: Peng Kaiping (Berkeley) and Chi Yue Chiu (National Singapore University)
Questions: What is the scope and what are some of the key findings in the field of cross-cultural psychology? Which areas of research and methods seem the most promising for applied work in U.S.-China relations?

III. Political psychology of international relations
Chairs: Rick Herrmann (Ohio State) and David Rousseau (SUNY Albany)
Questions: What is the current state of the political psychology of IR? Should we seek to build on its strengths, or address its weaknesses? How well has it addressed great power relations? What can the evolution of the field teach us about dealing with the challenges of its fundamentally interdisciplinary nature?

IV. Synthesis and research agenda for a “political psychology of U.S.-China relations”
Chairs: Ned Lebow (Dartmouth) and Ted Hopf (Ohio State)
Questions: What conclusions can we draw from the three previous sessions? Can we rank order a list of the most important research questions for a political psychology of U.S.-China relations? What resources and methods are needed to undertake such research projects? How should the lab be institutionalized?


Thursday, Oct. 22
Arrive, OKC airport. Airport Express van to Montford Inn (322 W. Tonhawa St. Norman 405/321-2200)
6:45     meet in lobby for transportation to informal dinner, Charleston’s Restaurant
            (300 Ed Noble Parkway Norman, OK 405/360-0900)

Friday, Oct. 23
8-ish     Breakfast at Montford Inn
8:45     Meet in lobby for transportation to OU campus, Hester Hall Rm. 160
9:00     Welcome and Introductions. Gries
9:10     Session I. U.S.-China relations, Zhang and Johnston, chairs
10:15   break
10:30   Session II. Cross-cultural psychology, Peng and Chiu, chairs
12:00   Lunch at Pad Thai (119 W Boyd St, Norman, OK 405/360-5551)
1:30     Session III. Political psychology of international relations, Herrmann and Rousseau
3:00     transportation to Gries residence (2407 S. Berry Rd.)
3:30     Session IV. Synthesis and research agenda, Lebow and Hopf, chairs
5:00     cocktails
5:30     transportation back to Montford Inn for rest and/or wine
6:45     meet in lobby for walk to Benvenuti’s Restaurant (105 W. Main Norman, 405/310-5271)

Saturday-Sunday Oct. 24-25
8-ish.    Breakfast at Montford Inn
Depart by Airport Express van to OKC airport (20 minutes)