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Study in China Scholarships

To promote student study abroad, the Institute for US-China Issues offers scholarships to OU students hoping to study in the Chinese speaking world. The number and size of scholarships each year will be contingent upon the quality of the applications and the Institute’s budget, but we anticipate awarding several scholarships of $1,000 to $2,000 in a typical year.

Study in China Scholarships will be given on a competitive basis to qualified students whose financial needs are not being met by other channels. Priority will be given to applicants accepted into semester or yearlong Chinese language academic programs in the Chinese speaking world. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the overall strength of the application (especially the cover letter), academic record, and financial need. 

Upon returning to OU, Study in China Scholars are asked helpto promote study abroad in China through classroom presentations, study abroad fairs, or information sessions.

Application Information

Applications should be submitted to the Institute no later than the first Friday of April. They will be reviewed by the Institute’s scholarship committee, and the winners announced by the second Friday of April. All applications should include:

  • cover letter of no more than two pages that explains why the applicant wants to study abroad in China.
  • short cv / résumé
  • transcript of grades
  • letter of acceptance into the proposed academic program

If you have questions about Study in China Scholarships, please direct them to or 325-3580.

2012 Study in China Scholars
Mason Kitchens, City University of Hong Kong
Derek Mattingly, City University of Hong Kong
Jessica Murphy, Yunnan University, Kunming

2013 Study in China Scholars
Andrew Rankin, Beijing Normal University
David Stroup, Beijing Normal University
Cassabndra Toney, Beijing Normal University
Margie Tanner, Beijing Normal University
Kiersten Strachan, Beijing Normal University
Jessica Murphy, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Michael Masterson,Yunnan University, Kunming
Lauren Aragon, Yunnan University, Kunming

2014 Study in China Scholars
Amy Lantrip, CIEE Beijing University
Adam Brobson, CIEE Beijing University
Brittany Ribble, CIEE National Chengchi University, Taipei
Nathan Robertson, Fudan University, Shanghai
Haruka Tsuchiya, Beijing Normal University

2015 Study in China Scholars
Jeanie Ta, CIEE Shanghai
Joshua Morrison, Xi’an International Studies University
Amanda Deng, Beijing Normal University
Margie Tanner, Beijing Normal University
Brooke Blackwood, OU Journey to China
Jennifer Chang, OU Journey to China
Christian Moler, OU Journey to China
Julia Ye, OU Journey to China

2016 Study in China Scholars
Brennan Davis, CIEE Beijing University
Jospeh Plummer, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Brittany Ribble, Beijing Normal University
Johanna Masterson, OU Journey to China
Rebecca Maldonado, OU Journey to China
Kelly Jones, OU Journey to China

2017 Study in China Scholars
Alison Roeth, National Taiwan University
Jedd-Ruben Soh, Beijing Normal University
Hannah Dillard, Beijing University
Riley McGill, OU Journey to China
Katherine O'Neal, OU Journey to China