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Called to Active Duty

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Called to Active Duty

What you need to do when you are called to active duty:

Your responsibilities:

Get a copy of your orders from your unit. Email or FAX your orders to your respective campuses veterans office. Notify each of your instructors of the situation and discuss your options. Follow up with your campus veterans office to ensure withdrawal process is complete

Your campus veterans office responsibilities:

       Work with enrollment to Cancel or Withdraw you from your classes. Notify Bursar Services and Financial Aid of your situation

When called to active duty early in the semester:

Main Campus Students:
Need to contact Veteran Student Services at (405) 325-4308 or Debbie Blevins at (405) 325-1084. They will need a copy of your active duty orders as soon as possible. You can fax them to (405) 325-3639. They will withdraw you from your classes and notify Bursar Services and Financial Aid.

OU Outreach Advanced Programs, Liberal Studies, Independent Study or Academic
Programs Students:
Need to contact R. William Jacobs II, He will need a copy of your active duty orders as soon as possible. You can fax them to (405) 325-7273. They will withdraw you from your classes and notify  Bursar Services and Financial Aid.

When called to active duty mid to late semester:

When time allows, visit with each of your instructors to discuss your options.

Faculty and staff have been instructed by the Provost office to assist you in the disposition of your coursework. This may include early completion of courses, withdrawal or receipt of grades of Incomplete. Whatever your decision, you must then notify Veteran Student Services so they can counsel you on how it will impact your Montgomery GI Bill.

When you know the semester in which you will return:

We will do everything we can to get you back in classes as seamlessly as possible. You may go online to at the appropriate time and enroll. Should you have stops/holds, advising or otherwise, you may email Veteran Student Services at and we will forward your email to the appropriate person(s).

PLEASE NOTE: Some training does not fall under Active Duty designation. Should you have questions,
please bring copies of your service documents to Veteran Student Services, Buchanan Hall, Room 216,
for advisement.

Other Considerations

Campus Veterans Memorial

University Housing

To be released from your housing contract without penalty, you must submit a release application with a copy of your orders. Contact Housing and Food Services to begin your release application. Email: or phone (405) 325-3511 and H&F will guide you through the release application process.

Parking Permit

Return your permit to:
OU Parking and Transportation 
1332 Jenkins Ave.
Norman, OK 73019-2451

P&T will credit your bursar account. When you have no other outstanding charges, a refund will be authorized. For P&T questions, please phone (405) 325-3311.

Textbook Purchases

If you purchased your textbooks at any of the Norman campus area bookstores, the stores will give you a refund as long as you can present a receipt.

University Library

If you have checked out materials from the University Libraries, be sure they get returned.

Change of Address

If you need to change your address, go to