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Things To Do At OU

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Things To Do At OU...

There are many engaging opportunities open to school groups and every member of the family on the OU campus.

Elementary and middle school groups discover "why college?" through hands-on academic activities in the College of Engineering and School of Geology, and age-appropriate, outreach programs in our world class museums of art and natural history and OU’s National Weather Center. Explore the exciting options* below.

Fall and spring tours will be offered Tuesdays through Thursdays, September 6 - December 1, and January 31 - April 28. Click on the link above to schedule your tour today!

*Outreach programs are available only during the fall and spring semesters.

engineering practice facility

Engineering Experience

  • No Charge
  • K-12 groups
  • 60 students, maximum group size
  • 90 min. to half-day experiences are available from 9 a.m.-noon
  • Please allow at least two weeks' notice. (availability subject to OU academic calendar) 

The newest and one of the most popular offerings to school groups on the OU campus, is the "Engineering Experience" in the College of Engineering. Designed to engage youngsters with a window into college life, and spark interest in engineering, science and math as viable career paths.

Your students will interact with OU Engineering students and staff in hands-on activities and experiments, opportunities to meet members of competitive engineering teams and student organizations, and a tour with brief information session of the College of Engineering.  The more time you have, the more fun elements can be scheduled.

sam noble museum

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

  • Admission Fee: Youth $4
  • K-12 groups
  • Allow 60-90 min.
  • Please allow at least two weeks' notice. (availability subject to OU academic calendar) 
  • Website

Over 4 billion years of Oklahoma's natural history can be seen in a 198,000 square foot facility. Five galleries feature thousands of artifacts in 50,000 sqaure feet of spectacular exhibit space. Visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating natural and cultural history of Oklahoma...from the world's largest Apatosaurus (formerly, Brontosaurus), to the oldest painted object in North America.

The education department offers classroom programs and Discovery Room sessions for school groups. Each program is grade appropriate, natural history-based and developed to meet Oklahoma state PASS Objectives. All programs require reservations at least two weeks in advance.

The Discovery Room is a place to explore artifacts and scientific specimens in a hands-on, interactive environment. Visitors can participate in activities, observations and games that focus on understanding natural history, archaeology, fossils, geology and Oklahoam's natural resources. The museum offers a variety of ongoing programs in the Discovery Room, free with museum admission.

(405) 325-4712 / School Groups: (405) 325-4712 or (405) 325-1008

Learn more about educational and field trip programs


Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

  • No Charge
  • K-12 groups
  • 50 maximum per group
  • Please allow at least two weeks' notice. (availability subject to OU academic calendar)
  • Website

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art houses not-to-be missed permanent collections and visiting exhibits. This world-class art museum also offers a range of programs for geared specifically for school groups, adults, children, families, and teachers.  Let us bring alive the wonders of fine art for you and your students!

General (405) 325-3272/ School Groups: (405) 325-5990  

Learn about field trip programs

National Weather Center

National Weather Center

  • No Charge
  • K-12 groups
  • 50 maximum per group; groups over 35 will be divided in two
  • Please allow at least two weeks' notice. (availability subject to OU academic calendar)
  • **NOTE** All tours require a reservation due to scheduling and security guidelines.  Please understand that if you visit without a confirmed reservation, you will be asked to visit on a different date.

School tours typically last 1.5 hours. Educational components may be included as part of the tour, including: Science on a Sphere presentations, weather briefings on the Weather Wall, or PowerPoint presentations on weather topics. Please indicate your interest in adding this to your tour when scheduling your group.

Public tours include visits to the McCasland Family Observation Deck, OU's School of Meteorology, the National Weather Center (NWC) Roof Top Observatory, classroom and laboratory facilities, as well as NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, the National Weather Service Norman Forecast Office, and the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

NWC security guidelines require that foreign nationals (non-US citizens) obtain security clearance. Foreign national visitors are required to complete and submit the NWC Foreign National Visitor Form at least two weeks in advance of a tour date (contact the NWC Tour Coordinator for details).

Learn more about tours

Group tours are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. April 28, 2016, is the last day group tours are available for the 2015-16 academic year. Group tours are not offered during the month of May.

Summer group tours are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 2.


Pick & Hammer

  • No Charge
  • K-12 groups
  • 60-90 min.
  • 3rd-12th grade groups, 50 Students maximum group size
  • Please allow at least two weeks' notice. (availability subject to OU academic calendar)

Join the rock stars of Pick & Hammer, the official OU Student Organization of the School of Geology and Geophysics, as they explore the wonders of "inner space."

School Groups will learn about aspects of the geosciences including the rock cycle, rock and mineral identification, geophysics, energy resources, and more!  We hope to inspire students to study and learn about the world around them and consider careers in the geosciences

Activities include a mineral scavenger hunt, cupcake coring, seismic activities, and related experiences. (possible lab visits for high school groups, depending on professor availability)

Thanks to a special grant, transportation funding can be provided upon request and invoice documentation.


Campus Tour/Self-Guided for Kids

  • No Charge
  • Allow 30-60 min.

A concise tour route for little legs, large groups, or anyone desiring a "greatest hits" tour that includes the football stadium, library, student union and a look at main campus...the same sights seen on a guided tour. 

This is a great option for school groups who are participating in other activities on campus, as it is not limited to tour guide availability and can be conducted at your convenience with your own teachers and chaperones.



Campus Tour/Self-Guided for Adults

  • No Charge
  • Allow 60-90 min.

A general overview of main campus buildings and historical points of interest, it allows you to enjoy our "campus beautiful by day and night" at your own pace and convenience. 

This more in-depth tour booklet can augment the Self-Guided Tour for Kids for 7th & 8th grade groups.

Stop by the OU Visitor Center or REQUEST HERE


Galileo's World 

  • Events are held on various dates and at different locations
  • No charge at library events
  • K-12 groups 
  • 20 students, maximum group size (larger groups can be divided)
  • 60 or 90 min. experiences are available
  • Please allow at least two weeks' notice (subject to availability and OU academic calendar)

In celebration of OU's 125th anniversary, Galileo's World is a series of exhibits, events, and programs at the BIzzell Memorial Library, the Sam Noble Museum, the National Weather Center, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Headington Hall, the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library, and the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library. Starting August 2015 through 2018, Galileo's World illustrates connections between science, art, literature, music, religion, philosophy, politics, and culture. Click here to learn more about group tours.