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Inauguration of the 14th President of the University of Oklahoma

Inauguration of the 14th President of The University of Oklahoma

Inauguration Ceremony and New Sooner Convocation

The University of Oklahoma and the OU Board of Regents are pleased to announce the inauguration of James L. Gallogly as the University's 14th president. The entire OU community and the public are invited to attend this historic event.

The event will be held in conjunction with New Sooner Convocation, the official welcoming event for incoming OU students and their families.

Thursday, August 16, 2018
5 p.m.
Doors open at 3:30 p.m.
Lloyd Noble Center
2900 S. Jenkins Avenue

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David Ross Boyd 1892-1908

Arthur Grant Evans 1908-1911

Stratton Duluth Brooks 1912-1923

James Shannon Buchanan 1924-1925

William Bennett Bizzell 1925-1941

Joseph August Brandt 1941-1943

George Lynn Cross 1944-1968

J. Herbert Holloman 1968-1970

Paul Fredrick Sharp 1971-1978

William Slater Banowsky 1978-1985

Frank E. Horton 1985-1988

Richard L. Van Horn 1989-1994

David L. Boren 1994-2018

James L. Gallogly 2018-present

Clayton I. Bennett
Oklahoma City

Leslie J. Rainbolt-Forbes, M.D.
Vice Chairman
Oklahoma City

Bill W. Burgess, Jr.

C. Renzi Stone
Oklahoma City

Phil B. Albert

Frank Keating
Oklahoma City

Natalie Shirley
Oklahoma City

Chris A. Purcell, Ph.D.
Vice President for University Governance

David Rainbolt

Gregg A. Garn, Ph.D.

Barbara Braught

Marc Nuttle

Russell M. Perry

Bob Ross

Charles C. Stephenson, Jr.

Mary Sue Backus

Sherri Irvin

George Richter-Addo

Michael S. Bronze, M.D.

Kelly Standifer

Matthew C. Rom

Nancy A. Geiger

Cameron Burleson

Caroline Pavlowsky

Krystal N. Mitchell

The presentation of the mace and collar – two symbols of the authority of the presidency – will mark the official investiture of James L. Gallogly.

The mace and collar used in the ceremony were commissioned by the Alumni Development Fund on the occasion of the retirement of Dr. George Lynn Cross, seventh president of the University of Oklahoma. Both pieces were created by Professor Joe Attebury, formerly a professor in the School of Art.

The mace is of sterling silver, ebony and ivory. The native semi-precious stones clustered above the seal represent the variety of the disciplines of the academic community.

The collar is of sterling silver with symbols of the University appearing on each link and a medallion featuring the OU shield and the motto, “The Spirit of Learning Is a Lasting Frontier.” The medallion was commissioned for the University’s 75th anniversary in 1965.

These items are more than just symbols to represent the authority of the presidency and the faculty. They are a reminder of the people's faith in education, in responsibility of the presidential office and in the guardianship of the University by the State of Oklahoma.

Inauguration of the 14th President and New Sooner Convocation

Presentation of the Colors

Kiowa Black Leggings Society

The Inaugural Processional led by the Chief Marshals

Senior Vice President and Provost Kyle Harper, Norman Campus
Senior Vice President and Provost Jason Sanders, M.D., Health Sciences Center
President John Schumann, M.D., OU-Tulsa

Processional Music Provided by the OU Wind Ensemble

Shanti Simon and Michael Hancock, Directors

The National Anthem

Maddie Breedlove and OU Wind Ensemble

Welcome and Introductions

Clarke Stroud, Master of Ceremonies

Greetings on Behalf of the State of Oklahoma Education System

Chancellor Glen Johnson

Performance of Our Time from the Stephen Sondheim Musical, Merrily We Roll Along

Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre Students
Ashton Byrum, Director
Craig Sproat, Accompanist

Installation of President James L. Gallogly

Chairman of the OU Board of Regents, Clayton I. Bennett

Charge of Office

Chairman Bennett


James L. Gallogly

Presentation of Presidential Collar

Chairman Bennett
President Gallogly
Student Government Association Presidents:
Yaseen Shurbaji, Norman Campus
Kenny Nguyen, Health Sciences Center
Obada Al Zoubi, OU-Tulsa

Presentation of Mace

Chairman Bennett
Vice Chairman of the OU Board of Regents Leslie Rainbolt Forbes, M.D.
President Gallogly
Faculty Senate Chairs:
Megan Elwood Madden, Norman Campus
Marie Hanigan, Health Sciences Center

Presentation of Charge

Chairman Bennett
President Gallogly
Staff Senate Chairs:
Justin Daniels, Norman Campus
Marty Walton, Health Sciences Center
Monica Burke, OU-Tulsa

Presentation of Flags Flown Over All Three Campuses

Chairman Bennett
President Gallogly
From the Norman Campus:
Angel Jacquez, Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps
Julia Schoonover, Petty Officer, Second Class, U.S. Navy
From the Health Sciences Center:
Jared Penner, Ensign, U.S. Navy, Veteran and Captain, U.S. Air Force
Tamatha Perkins, First Sergeant, U.S. Army (RET)
From OU-Tulsa:
Tyler Mobra, Staff Sergeant, U.S.Army and Purple Heart recipient
Mark Stacy, Specialist, U.S. Army

Address and Welcome to the Class of 2022

President Gallogly

Singing of the OU Chant

Nicholas Skotzko

Ushers – Crimson Club student members from all three campuses and Student Orientation Weekend Staff

Accessible Services

Services are available to those attending the Inauguration and New Sooner Convocation ceremony who may require specific accommodations based on accessibility needs.

Accommodations for Guests Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

  • Sign language interpreting services for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing will be available in a reserved seating section. Captioning will also be available.

Accommodations for Guests with Limited Mobility

For our guests needing mobility accommodations, accessible services are available.

  • Guests who have a state issued disability plate or placard may utilize disability parking near the entrance to Lloyd Noble Center.
  • Reserved seating is available on the east and west decks as well as at the top of each concourse. Seating in the Accessible Services section is reserved for guests needing accessible seating and one additional guest.
  • Guests requiring accessible services may enter through the southeast entrance (lower Legacy Court).
  • Guests who need to be seated in a wheelchair during the ceremony should bring a wheelchair as wheelchairs will not be provided for use throughout the duration of the ceremony.

WARNING: There will be a light show at the conclusion of the ceremony

Security Information

To assist with making this historic event safe and enjoyable, please note the following safety procedures are in place.

  • Security scanning will be required for entrance into the event.
  • All bags are subject to search by security personnel, including purses, camera cases and diaper bags.

Admissible Items

  • Admissible for Inauguration only: Still Photography Cameras and Video Cameras.
  • Admissible, but must be checked: Baby Seats, Baby Strollers, umbrellas

Prohibited Items

Except for items pertaining to medical conditions or child care, all bags, backpacks, large cases for binoculars or other items, fanny packs and large purses (larger than 10-inch-by-10-inch) are prohibited. Prohibited items must be returned to the owner’s car or discarded, and any unlawful items are subject to confiscation.

  • alcoholic and other beverages
  • balloons
  • banners and signs
  • beach balls
  • explosives
  • fanny packs
  • food and beverages (other than water provided at the event)
  • folding chairs or stools
  • gift-wrapped packages
  • ice chests, coolers and similar containers
  • hover boards
  • laser pointers
  • laptops
  • all noise makers (e.g. airhorns, whistles)
  • pets (other than service animals)
  • personal heaters
  • selfie sticks
  • weapons

Parking & Transportation

With housing move-in throughout the day, we anticipate some traffic congestion on and around campus.

A limited amount of parking available for guests in the southeast corner of Lloyd Noble Center and in the field east of Lloyd Noble Center.

Free shuttle services will be available to and from Lloyd Noble Center.

CART Shuttle Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations:

  • Lloyd Noble Center (6 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.)
  • 3rd and Asp Avenue (6 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.)
  • Asp Avenue Parking Garage (3 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.)

We encourage staff and students to utilize the shuttles. For disability accommodations involving the shuttle, please call the CART/Metro Transit office at (405) 325-CART (2278).

Stephenson Shuttle Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location

  • Please refer to any parking instructions that you received with your invitation

Complimentary transportation will be provided to the celebration on Walker-Adams Mall. Shuttles will run continuously between Walker-Adams Mall and Lloyd Noble Center until 10 p.m.

Parking at Lloyd Noble Center

Inauguration Parking Map for Lloyd Noble Center, 2900 S. Jenkins Ave, Norman, OK 73019: Event Parking available on southeast corner of the Lloyd Noble Center parking lot. Lots on the west side of the LNC are closed, and the lot on the northeast corner will be reserved for Move-In Parking.

CART Shuttle Stops

Inauguration Shuttle Stops Map: North Bus Depot Shuttle Stop at Stadium Parking Garage on Asp Avenue; 3rd and Asp Shuttle Stop at the corner of 3rd St and Asp Ave.

Following the Inauguration and Convocation ceremony, please join us for food, live music and fun!

Thursday, August 16, 2018
6:30-9:30 p.m.
Walker-Adams Mall
1400 Asp Avenue

Complimentary transportation will be provided to the celebration on Walker-Adams Mall. Shuttles will run continuously between Walker-Adams Mall and Lloyd Noble Center until 10 p.m.

Jam on the WAM

News Release

The  OU Board of Regents is pleased to announce the inauguration of James L. Gallogly as the university’s 14th president at 5 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 16, at Lloyd Noble Center, 2900 S. Jenkins, Norman. The entire OU community and the public are invited to attend this historic event.

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James Gallogly's Bio

Jim Gallogly was named the 14th president of the University of Oklahoma on March 26, 2018 and will take office on July 1, 2018. A 1977 alumnus of the OU College of Law, Gallogly is the first ever CEO from a Fortune 500 company to lead the University.

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