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OU Department of Web Communications

Content Management System (CMS)

There are many ways to create a website under the domain, but all sites must be built following the OU Web Guidelines.

The campus-wide content management system (CMS) allows users without technical knowledge to manage, update and maintain a website. The system is called Adobe CQ and is managed by Web Communications, Marketing and New Media.

Building or migrating a site into CQ5 is a process that must be initiated by contacting Web Communications, Marketing and New Media. For more information about the content management system (CMS), please contact CMS Help.

Website How To

Project Commencement

To begin the process, we ask that you complete three online forms; a migration agreement, a creative brief and an Information Architecture (IA) document. Secondly, you may be invited to join Basecamp. Basecamp is a web-based organizational tool which Web Communications uses to help keep client-to-designer/developer (and vice-versa) discussions coordinated and in a single place that can be accessed from anywhere.

Content and Information Architecture Development Kickoff

The CMS Migrations Manager will work with you in person on a weekly basis to develop your site’s structure, refine existing content and develop new content. [ Duration: 2 - 16 weeks ]

Design Options

You will meet with a Designer and a Technical Architect to discuss design and functionality and see the various design options the Web Communications team offers. If you decide one of them works for you, we will email you a design confirmation form to complete so we can build or convert your site in the new design. [ Duration: 1 week ]

Content Migration/Conversion

After you’ve decided on a new design, the Web Communications team will develop your new site or convert your existing CMS site including content to the new design and template. If you are building a brand new site in CQ, the CMS Migrations Manager will provide training so you can begin migrating content into the CMS. [ Duration: 2 - 16 weeks ]

Client Content Review (for Converted Sites)

Because your new design will have a different layout than your previous site, there may be a need to adjust the arrangement of your content. [ Duration: 2 weeks ]

Web Communications Content Review

Once the client review period is complete, the Web Communications department will conduct a review to assure the content is displaying correctly and meets OU Web Guidelines. Note that during this time your permissioning for the site will be read-only. [ Duration: 2 weeks ]


After the site is signed off on by both parties, Web Communications will schedule a go-live date for your site. We typically schedule go-lives on the first and third Thursday of the month at 3pm.