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Summarizing Knowledge
encyclopedic resources, textbooks, histories, handbooks, research reviews

  Overview Article on the Field


"Education," Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed, 2001.

   Encyclopedic Resources

American Educatorsí Encyclopedia. LB 15 .D37 1991
Concise Encyclopedia of Special Education. LC 4007 .E53 1990
Encyclopedia of American Education. LB 17 .U54 2001
Encyclopedia of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education. LC 3707 .E53 1998
Encyclopedia of Education. 10 vols LB 15 .E47
Encyclopedia of Educational Research. LB 15 .E48 1992
Encyclopedia of Higher Education. LB 15 .E49 1992
International Encyclopedia of Curriculum. LB 1570 .I5676 1991
International Encyclopedia of Education. 2nd. ed. 12 vols. LB 15 .I569 1994
International Encyclopedia of Teaching and Teacher Education. LB 1025.3 .I58 1995
International Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Education.  LC 191 .I49 1997
International Encyclopedia of Educational Technology. LB 1028.3 .I567 1996
Math World
World Education Encyclopedia. 3 vols. LB 15 .W87 2002

   Textbooks and Histories

Amazon's New and Used Textbooks in Education
American Higher Education: A History LA 226 .L83 1994
Institutions of Higher Education: An International Bibliography. LA 173 .S69 1990
Education And Social Change: Themes In The History Of American Schooling LA 205 .R67 2002
History of Education in America by John D. Pulliam and James Van Patten. 2002. Not held by OU
A Legacy of Learning: A History of Western Education LA 11 .P65 1991
School's In: The History of Summer Education and American Public Schools LC 5751 .G65 2002


Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language: A Research Handbook, 1988-1990. LC 3731 .B5468 1991
Blackwell Handbook of Education. LA 632 .F37 1995
Handbook of College and University Administration. 2 vols. LB 2341 .K63
Handbook of Educational Ideas and Practices. LB 17 .H267 1990
Handbook of Gifted Education.  LC 3993 .H35 1991
Handbook of Research on Curriculum: A Project of the American Educational Research Association. LB 1570 .H264 1992
Handbook of Research on Social Studies Teaching and Learning. LB 1584 .H275 1991
Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children. LB 1119 .H25 1993

Handbook of School Psychology. LB 1051 .H2356 1999
International Encyclopedia of Educational Evaluation.  LB 2822.75 .I57 1990
International Handbook of Early Childhood Education. LB 1139.23 .I68 1992
International Handbook of Teachers and Teaching. 2 vols. LB 1775 .I56 1997
Handbook of Reading Research. LB 1050 .H278 1984
Distance Education: A Practical Guide. LC 5800 .W55 1993

   Research Reviews

Conference Board's Research Database
International Economic Review HB 1 .I65
Journal of Economic Literature HB 1 .J6










Economics History
is a good Library of Congress subject heading to use when searching online catalogs such as the OU Libraries catalog.

Selective Bibliography
research & subject guides, selective & didactic bibliography, subject directories

   Research & Subject Guides

Bibliographic Guide to Educational Research. LB 17 .B4 1990
Core List of Books and Journals in Education. LB 14.6 .O27 1991
Education Journals and Serials: An Analytical Guide.  L 7 .C65 1998
Educatorís Desk Reference (EDR): A Sourcebook of Educational Information and Research. LB 1028.27 .U6 F74 1999
Guide to Journals in Psychology and Education. BF 76.8 .L65 1990

   Selective & Didactic Bibliographies

Academic Advising: An Annotated Bibliography LB2343 G637 1994

American Dissertations on Foreign Education: A Bibliography with Abstracts.  Z5811 .P25
Curriculum Books: the First Hundred Years LB1570.U5 S34 2002

Distance Education: An Annotated Bibliography LC 5800 .M66 1995

Distance Learning for Higher Education: An Annotated Bibliography Z 5814 .D54 F78 2002
Educational Reform: A Bibliography with Indexes Z 5814 .E22 V55 2001

Educatorís Guide to Free Videotapes. Z 5811 .P25
Gender Equity in Education: An Annotated Bibliography LC 212.82 .S75 1994
International Guide to Qualifications in Education. LB 2376.6 G7 I58 1996
Chinese Educational Resources Information Center Project: Chinese ERIC.
Division of Science Resources Studies (SRS).
Educatorís Guide to Free Films, Filmstrips and Slides. 59th ed. LB 1044 .E3
Educatorís Guide to Free Guidance Materials. HF 5381 .AI E3
Educatorís Guide to Free Science Materials. 39th ed. Q 181 .A1 E3
Educatorís Guide to Free Social Studies Materials. 38th ed. 1998. LB 1043 .Z9 E4
Elementary Teachers Guide to Free Curriculum Materials.  L 11 .E6
El-Hi Textbooks and Serials in Print. 1985-. Z 5813 .A51
ERIC Abstracts on Discipline and Classroom Management.
Distance Education: A Selected Bibliography. Z 5814 .D54 M33 1992
Institutions of Higher Education: An International Bibliography LA 173 .S69 1990

Literacy: A Bibliography with Indexes LC 149 .L4952 2000

The Multicultural Education Debate in the University: A Bibliography LC 1099 .A12 N6 1992

Master's Theses Directories: Education. Z 5816 .I6 A3
National Information Center for Educational Media (NICEM). 1964-. Quarterly. Electronic Format.

Sex Differences and Learning: An Annotated Bibliography of Educational Research, 1979-1989 LC 212.92 .G71 1991
Teacher Education Program Evaluation: An Annotated Bibliography LB 1715 .A97 1990

   Subject Directories

Academic Info: Education
AskERIC Virtual Library.
Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
Digital Librarian: Education
ED. U.S. Department of Education, World Wide Web Server
Education Journals: An Annotated Database for K-12 and Teacher Educators
Education Virtual Library
Knowledge Loom: What Works in Teaching and Learning
Librarians' Index to the Internet: Education 
Library in the Sky  
Math Archives.
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources.
World Lecture Hall

Research Information
frequently cited journals, electronic texts, government information,
books & monographs, news & newspapers, article databases


AIDS Educ. and Prevention (not owned)
Amer. Educ. Research Journal L 11 .A66
Educ. Eval. & Policy Anal.  LB 1028 .E32
Educ. Leadership  L 11 .E443
Elementary School Journal  L 11 .E38
Harvard Educational Review  L 11 .H3
Health Education Research (not owned)
Internatl. Journal of Science Education 

Jour. of Amer Coll. Health  RA 564.5 .J65
Jour. of Coll. Student Develp.  LB 2343 .J6 

Jour. of Higher Education  L 11 .J78
Jour. of Res. in Sci. Teaching Q 181 .A1 J6
Jour. of School Health LB 3401 .J7
Phi Delta Kappan  LJ 121 .P4
Reading Research Quarterly LB 1050 .R42
Review of Educational Research L 11 .R35
Science Education  Q 181 .A1 S85
Sociology of Education L 11 .J76
TESOL Quarterly (not owned)
To the left is a list of the 20 most frequently cited education journals in 2004 according to the Web of Science Journal Citations Report,

    Electronic Texts

Effective Instructional Leadership Manual
Online Library Catalog: Education

   Government Information
US Dept of Ed  Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE). 
EROD: Education Resource Organizations Directory
FIE (Federal Information Exchange). Gaithersburg, MD: Federal Information Exchange.
Fifty States' Certification Requirements
Legislation, Regulations, and Policy Guidance
National Library of Education
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Database
Office of Postsecondary Education

   Books & Monographs--LC Subject Headings

Use the WorldCat database's Advanced Search mode, then select its Subjects button, filling in the search term "education" to find it.  Then expand the subject heading to see a complete list of its related subject headings, its narrower subject headings, its topical sub-headings and geographical sub-headings.
Library of Congress subject headings for books and monographs in Education include those described on the left.  Access any of those subject headings you are interested in using through the OU Libraries catalog.
   Books & Monographs--LC Classification Areas
L   General Education
LA History of Education
LB Theory and Practice of Education
LC Social Aspects of Education
LD Individual Institutions: United States
LE Individual Institutions: The Americas except United States
LF Individual Institutions: Europe
LG Individual Institutions: Asia, Africa, Oceania
LH College and School Magazines and Papers
LJ Student Fraternities and Societies in the United States
LT Multi-Subject Textbooks
The main Library of Congress classification areas for Education books and monographs are shown on the left.  Again, browse the OU Libraries catalog by classification number. 

   News & Databases

   Article Databases

ACER Cunningham Library of Australia.
ERIC E*Subscribe 1993-  
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) 1973- P 1 .L2
Professional Development Collection 1984-

   Working Papers


Comprehensive Bibliography
abstracts & indexes, comprehensive bibliographies, library & book catalogs,
archives, search engines, metasearch engines

   Abstracts & Indexes

British Education Index. 1954-. Quarterly. 370.5 B777
Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography. 1927-. Triannual. HQ 750 .A1 N3
Current Index to Journals in Education. 1969-. Z 5813 .C8
Dissertation Abstracts. 1861. AS 30 .D572
Education Index. 1929/1930-. Z 5813 .E23
Educational Administration Abstracts. 1966-. Quarterly. Z5814 .M26 E3
ERIC 1966-.
Exceptional Child Education Resources (ECER). 1977-. Quarterly. Z 5814 .C52 E9
Index to Tests Used in Educational Dissertations. 1989. LB 3051 .F3 1989
Higher Education Abstracts. 1984-. Quarterly. Z 5814 .S88 C6
Mental Measurements Yearbook
Multicultural Education Abstracts. 1986-2001. LC 3701 .M8
PsycINFO: Psychological Abstracts (1887-present) [FirstSearch]: 1887 - present call number
Resources in Education. 1975-. Z 5813 .R42
State Education Journal Index and Educatorís Guide to Periodicals Research Strategies. 1963-. Semiannual.  L 11 .S66

   Comprehensive Bibliographies

   Library & Book Catalogs

Bibliographic Guide to Education. 1970. Z 5813 .B4
Teacher Education Institute Course Catalog


   Search Engines

Education SEs
Librariansí Index to the Internet: Education Topics
Galaxy: Education
NCES (National Center for Education Statistics): Education Statistics at a Glance
National Center for Educational Statistics: School, College and Library Search
Yahoo!: Education

   Metasearch Engines

Reference, Facts, Data
almanacs, biographical sources, data collections, dictionaries, directories,
grants & scholarships, job resources, statistical resources



Almanac of Higher Education.  LA 227.3 .A345
Educational Media and Technology Yearbook.  LB 1028.3 .E37
World Yearbook of Education. L 101 .G8 .Y4
Yearbook of Education Law. KF 4102.5 .Y4

Biographical Sources


Biographical Dictionary of American Educators. 1978. LA 2311 .B54
Biographical Dictionary of Modern American Educators.  1997 LA 2311 .O55 1997
Directory of American Scholars.  LA 2311 .C32
Leaders in Education. 1974. LA 2311 .L4 
National Faculty Directory.  1970- L 901 .N34
Thinkers on Education
Whoís Who in American Education.  1988- LA 2311 .W47
Women Educators and Scholars

  Data Collections

  Dictionaries & Thesauri


Critical Dictionary of Educational Concepts: An Appraisal of Selected Ideas and Issues in Educational Theory and Practice. 1990. LB 15 .B29 1990
Dictionary of Educational Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms. 1985. LB 15 .P35 1985
Dictionary of Multicultural Education LC 1099 .D53 1997
Facts on File Dictionary of Education. 1998. LB 15 .S43 1988
Glossary of Education Terms
Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors. 2001. Z 695.1 E3 E34 2001

Directories -- Academic Departments, Schools, Colleges

  Directories --  Associations, Organizations & Societies

Complete Learning Disabilities Directory: Products, Resources, Books, Services.  1993/1994-. Annual. LC 4704.6 .C66
Directory for Exceptional Children. 1954-. Irregular. LC 4007 .D5
Directory of Curriculum Materials Centers. 1996. LB 3044.72 .D57 1996
Directory of ERIC Resource Collections.  ED 1.220/2 :
Guide to American Educational Directories.  1999. Z 5813 .G8
World of Learning.  1947- AS 2 .W6

   Directories --  Companies, Vendors, etc.


Cabellís Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Education. 1998. Z 286 .E3 C232

Directories --  Schools


Directories -- Schools
Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education, Programs, Candidates L 901 .A52
American School Directory (ASD).
American Universities and Colleges L 226 .A65
The College Blue Book LA 226 .C685
Educational Rankings Annual: 3000 Rankings and Lists on Education.  1994. L 901 .E365
Handbook of Private Schools.  1915- .  Annual. L 901 .H3 1991
Patterson's American Education. 1904- Annual. L 901 .P3
Patterson's Elementary Education. 1989 -Annual. L 901 .P33
Peterson's Graduate Programs L 901 .P4622
Peterson's 4 Year Colleges L 901 .A553
Peterson's 2 Year Colleges L 901 .A552

Directories --  Colleges and Universities


Academic Year Abroad. New York: Institute of International Education, 1987-. Annual. LB 2375 .A25
Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education, Programs, Candidates. Washington, DC: American Council on Education, 1964-. Annual. L 901 .A52 1997/1998
American Universities and Colleges.  Washington, DC: Walter de Gruyter, 1928-. Quadrennial. LA 226 .A65
College and University Homepages
College and University Rankings  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Education and Social Science Library.
College Blue Book. New York: Macmillan, 1923-. Biennial.  LA 226 .C685
Directory of Graduate Programs. Educational Testing Service, 1999/2000. Biennial. L 901 .G72

   Directories --  Discussion Groups

AskERIC Mailing Lists
Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
E-Mail Discussion Lists and Electronic Journals (via EdWeb)
Topica's Education Lists


   Directories --  Research Centers & Institutes

Grants & Scholarships, Financial Aid


College Blue Book: Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Loans 1975- .  Triennial. LA 226 .C685
College Costs and Financial Aid Handbook. 1980/81-. Annual. LB 2342 .C58
Grants Register. 1969/1970-. Biennial. LB 2338 .G7
Directory of Financial Aids for Minorities. 1984-  LB 2338 .S34 1984
Financial Aid for African Americans, 2001-2003. 2001. LB 2338 .F5643
Financial Aid for Asian Americans, 2001-2003. 2001. Net-library e-book
Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans, 2001-2003. 2001 Net-library e-book
Financial Aid for Native Americans, 2001-2003.  2001. LB 2338 .F5646
Scholarship Book. 1993. LB 2337.2 .S28 2001



Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs in the United States.  1995. LB 2371 .A59
Oryx Guide to Distance Learning. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1994. LC 5805 .B87 1994
Educational Rankings Annual: 3000 Rankings and Lists on Education.  1994. L 901 .E365
Gourman report: A Rating of Graduate and Professional Programs in American and International Universities.  1993. LB 2331.63 .G67
Gourman report: A Rating of Undergraduate Programs in American and International Universities. 1993. LB 2331.63 .G68
Petersonís Annual Guides to Graduate Study.  1976-. Annual. L 901 .P4627
Petersonís Guide to Four-Year Colleges.  1976-. Annual. L 901 .A553
Petersonís Guide to Two-Year Colleges.  1976-. Annual. L 901 .A552
Vacation Study Abroad. 1983-. Annual. LB 2375 .V33

   Job Resources

   Statistical Resources


Almanac of Higher Education. 1989-. Annual. LA 227.3 .A345
Fact Book on Higher Education 1997. 1998. LA 226 .A58
Condition of Teaching: A State-by-State Analysis, 1990. 1990. LB 2832.2 .C66 1990
Digest of Education Statistics. . Annual. ED 1.326 :
Educational Rankings Annual 1999. 1998. L 901 .E365
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). call number
UNESCO Statistical Yearbook, 1998. AZ 361 .U45

   Style Manuals




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