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Writing Enriched Curriculum Program

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Detail from Raphael's "The School of Athens" (1511):  an image of scholars collaborating across disciplinary (and historical) writing!

What Can WEC Do For You?

OU's Writing Enriched Curriculum Program exists to help departments and programs integrate discipline-specific writing instruction into their pedagogy at levels from curriculum to course.  Detail from Raphael's "The School of Athens" (1511):  cross-discplinary scholarly writing! 


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What Is WEC?


The Writing Enriched Curriculum program (WEC) is a new, university-sponsored initiative to promote the teaching of writing in all academic disciplines.  The WEC project is designed to further the university’s goal, outlined in the 2013-14 Strategic Plan, to “focus on building student and faculty writing and oral communication skills.”  In keeping with the AACU’s identification of writing education as a high-impact practice in undergraduate education, WEC offers faculty support for developing writing curricula that can make the teaching of writing a significant part of every major and degree program.

The Three Principles of WEC


The WEC program is founded on three basic principles:

1.     In order for students to become proficient writers, they must write and receive writing instruction consistently throughout their undergraduate education, particularly within their major courses.

2.     Only faculty within a given discipline can effectively teach and assess the writing skills particular to that discipline.

3.     Faculty in each unit must develop their own structures and methods for integrating writing into their curricula—they cannot be imposed by administrative fiat or outsourced to an exterior unit.