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Nutrition and Weight Management

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Nutrition and Weight Management

Eat smarter and manage your weight with programs and resources from on-campus partners and nationally known brands. 

Full Plate Living Online

Full Plate Living Online is a guided program that focuses on how to eat more of the right foods instead of stressing about what not to eat.

OU Norman employees, can participate in this online course at no cost by completing all 16 online video sessions and two short surveys. If you don’t complete the video lessons and both surveys, you agree to a payroll deduction of $147 ($49 for three pay periods).

Enrollment for the online program is currently closed. Check back for information about upcoming sessions.

Full Plate Living In-person

In-person sessions of Full Plate Living are also offered through OU Fitness and Recreation. 

More Information

Naturally Slim

The Naturally Slim program is a simple online program that uses informative videos and learning tools to teach you how to lose weight and improve your health. The program is designed to help you learn how to eat to reduce your chance of diabetes and heart disease without counting calories or eating diet food.

OU Wellness conducted a pilot program in the fall of 2017 and saw a whopping 96 percent of participants maintain or lose weight, and 24 percent of participants lost more than 10 pounds. 

Naturally Slim is completely free for OU employees. Each session is billed to Cigna as a medical claim with no costs passed on to the participant.

Enrollment just began on a new Naturally Slim program, the class starts September 17 and applications will be accepted until August 31.

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On-Campus Dietitians

It can be difficult to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks especially in today’s busy fast-pasted society. In order to perform well and feel healthy, you need to eat food that fuels your mind and body.

Goddard Health Center and Housing and Food Services are both home to licensed & registered dietitians that provide one-on-one sessions for a variety of needs.

Meet with the Goddard Dietitian:
Call (405) 325-4441 and press option (1) for clinic appointments.
For questions regarding insurance and billing, please contact the business office.

Meet with the Housing and Food Services Dietitian:
Call (405) 325-7802 or email

On-campus Food Discounts

Wellness has joined with Housing and Food Services to offer an exciting new food discount to Wellness portal participants! Receive a discount on the Cow on the Fly products listed below at Union Market in the Oklahoma Memorial Union and Café 201 in Three Partners Place. Click the “View Discount Voucher” tab on the portal menu and print the voucher or show it on your phone when you make your purchase at either of these locations.

  • Chef Salad: $2 off 
  • Spinach salad: $1 off 
  • Green chile hummus & veggies: $1 off 
  • Small fruit cups: $1 off 
  • Large fruit cups: $2 off 

Prevent T2 with Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

OU Wellness has joined with the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center to offer the Prevent T2 Program on the Norman campus at no cost. Prevent T2, a part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is proven to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Prevent T2 is a year-long lifestyle change program that meets weekly for 16 weeks, after which meetings are held biweekly and then monthly. Participants will be provided with incentives and wellness points.

Individuals encouraged to participate are adults age 18 and over with a BMI of greater than 25 with one of four qualifying factors:

  • A1C 5.7-6.4% (self-reported)
  • Fasting glucose 100-125 mg/dl (self-reported)
  • Females with a history of gestational diabetes diagnosis during pregnancy
  • Score 5 or above on the pre-diabetes screening test

People with a history or current diagnosis of type 2 diabetes are excluded from participating in the program.

Participants selected for the program will attend the meeting: Wednesdays at noon at the Gaylord Hall Library beginning October 31.

How to Sign Up:

If you are interested in participating in Prevent T2, complete the pre-enrollment form and email it to by Friday, October 26. You will then be contacted regarding next steps in enrollment. For more information see the Prevent T2 Lunch & Learn PowerPoint.

Weight Watchers at OU

Do you want to eat real food and lose weight, but need a little help and support? Check out the Weight Watchers At Work Series and monthly-pass memberships! OU Wellness and Weight Watchers offer affordable options for OU employees to participate in the program. Sure, you can just use the app and online tools, but according to a Consumer Reports survey, people who attended meetings were more satisfied with the program and lost more weight than people who used only the online tools. Choose the membership that works best for you and get started towards a healthier you!

Get Started

Weekly Weight Watchers At Work meetings are held on Mondays in the Gaylord Hall Library at 12:00 p.m.

  • Join and submit payment at your on-campus meeting with the WW leader.
  • 17-week series is $186 or 3 payments of $62.
  • Join a series anytime after it has started at a prorated amount.
  • Eligible for 50% reimbursement from OU Wellness

OU employees are eligible for a 50% reimbursement with the At Work Series. The reimbursement is received on the employee's paycheck and considered taxable income, according to IRS rules. At Work participants will receive their reimbursement towards the end of their At Work Series 

Note: According to IRS rules, contributions of this nature, made by an employer on behalf of an employee, have monetary value and are considered income to the employee. Therefore, the At Work Series and Monthly-Pass 50% reimbursement is considered taxable income and will appear on participating OU employee paychecks. You must be an active OU employee with at least three (3) months of monthly-pass membership to receive the reimbursement on your OU paycheck.