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Testimonials from Wellness Participants

“I’m very happy about the Wellness initiative. I couldn’t resist the 700 points for a checkup, so I made a doctor’s appointment and found out my blood pressure was extremely high. The doctor said I was at great risk of a stroke. So, thanks to the Wellness initiative, my blood pressure is now under control.”

“I just wanted to compliment everyone who is involved with the new Wellness program. You have thought of just about everything to incorporate every aspect of wellness. I have participated in most events and have enjoyed every single thing you have proposed, although I couldn’t possibly do everything! I have challenged myself on several events and encourage my fellow office mates to do the same.”

“Thank you OU Wellness for encouraging employees to stay well and giving us access to useful tools.”

“I am enjoying the Wellness portal. This new wellness push has come at the perfect time for me, I’m ready to work on my weight and improve my eating habits, increase/expand my exercise program and become healthier all around. I love all the informational classess, the active challenges on the portal help me make a conscious effort to add and improve different things in my life. It helps you be accountable.”

“This was the perfect extension to my own journey to health. I have participated in all of the challenges so far. My goal for 2017 is to achieve better overall health and these challenges have helped me keep on track with my goals! As an OU Staff member, thank you so much for promoting health in the workplace. I have many friends in other jobs that don’t receive the kind of support we do here at OU, and I’m super thankful!”

“Fearing for my health and wanting to be active for all five of my children, I began trying to lose weight as my doctor suggested that is, along with reducing my sugars, would decrease my potential for diabetes. I used the FitThumb app to help me watch my food intake and manage my exercise levels and steps. My fitness took another HUGE leap forward when OU offered me my free FitBit, that I happily took. Now I’ve been watching my food intake, doing taekwondo at least twice a week and logging ALL of it. I’ve lost 36 lbs and my wife was so impressed by my transformation that she’s joined me. We both are logging our food, exercise, steps, etc. We probably would have reached this stage eventually, but I honestly think that because of the Wellness portal, we turned our lives around faster than we would otherwise have, especially me.”