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Learn about literature, culture or magazine publishing

World Literature Today magazine, book reviews section

World Literature Today offers three courses that qualify for either ENGL or MLLL undergraduate and graduate credits. The courses center around various aspects of literature, international culture, or magazine publishing. 

If you're interested in literature and international culture, check out the Neustadt or Puterbaugh courses. If you have any interest in magazine publishing and want hands on experience as well, the Magazine Publishing course would be an excellent opportunity.

The Neustadt Course

Edwidge Danticat, Haiti, and Cultural Expression

MLLL4950/5970  |  ENGL 4950/5970

Fall 2018  |  Weds: August 22-October 24, 2018 |4 – 7p.m. 

Location: Monnet 452    

Office Hours: TBA

Instructors: Catherine John & Marie Casimir                                                   




This course will expose students to the work of Edwidge Danticat and situate it within the context of Haiti’s legacy, culture, and art. Danticat’s work often charts the tragedy of loss from a female perspective: loss of connection to homeland and family as well as the losses represented by exile, separation, death, and/or forces beyond one’s control. On the other hand, her literature is also part of an artistic tradition of resilience in the face of challenges. In this class we will read selections from Danticat’s writings while learning about Haitian culture as it is represented through dance, spirituality, myth, art, and music. We will explore the complexities of what Haitian culture has to offer the world with a specific focus on the cultural perspective of girls and women. In addition to selections from Danticat’s work we will address the art of Edouard Duval-Carrié, Frankétienne, Toto Bissainthe and Emeline Michel among others. We will also watch some Haitian film. Students in this course will be required to participate in the World Literature Today Neustadt Prize events.



Create Dangerously by Edwidge Danticat

Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat

The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat



“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

Selection from Black Jacobins by CLR James

“Haitian is My Language: A Conversation with Frankétienne ” with Michael Merriam in WLT

“Haitian Literature as a Model for World Literature” by Michael Merriam

“Atlantic Freedoms” by Laurent Dubois

“The Land that Wouldn’t Lie” by Peter Hallward

“Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World” by David Walker (1829)

“Liberation Thought and Action: 1789-1910” by Erna Brodber

“The Black Woman Cross Culturally: An Overview” by Filomina Steady (Secondary Reading)



Stones in the Sun by Patricia Benoit (film)



1.     Attendance at the WLT Neustadt events during Edwidge Danticat’s visit

2.     A Guided Self-Ethnography

3.     A movement class with a writing component (to be explained)

4.     A Creative Writing/Mixed Media assignment

5.     A Research Paper


The Puterbaugh Course

MLLL 4970/5970 or ENGL 4970/5970

The spring 2018 course, taught by Dr. Robert Lemon of OU’s Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, will focus on the work of German novelist Jenny Erpenbeck, who will visit campus March 7-9 as the 2018 Puterbaugh Fellow.

Since 1968, WLT has sponsored the Puterbaugh Conferences on World Literature, which have featured many of the world's most celebrated writers (including seven Nobel Prize winners). One of the best features of the conferences, now held in the spring and known as the Puterbaugh Festival of International Literature & Culture, is the opportunity to study in-depth the work of the visiting writer ahead of their visit, spend quality time with them during their time at OU, and have VIP access to all the public and private events of the Puterbaugh Festival.

How to Edit & Publish a Literary Magazine

ENGL 4113 | Thursdays 1:30 - 2:45 in Monnet Hall Rm. 452
Taught by Daniel Simon, assistant director and editor in chief of World Literature Today



  • Sophomore standing or above or by permission of the instructor



English 4113 provides an introduction to the writing, editing, and publishing of literary magazines, both print and online. It is designed for students who are planning careers in writing, graduate literary studies, or the wider world of publishing. Students will learn about the place of literary magazines in humanities publishing generally and the larger contemporary landscape in which cultural magazines play a vital role. Topics include the history and present state of U.S. magazine publishing, the status of periodicals in culture and the academy, the economics of the industry, current challenges, and future trends.

The internship component is an important feature of the course, offering students the opportunity to write for, edit, and produce an actual magazine: World Literature Today, OU’s award-winning bimonthly of international literature and culture. The course will also draw guest speakers from the pool of publishing experts scattered across the University of Oklahoma campus and in central Oklahoma, thus providing advice and networking opportunities for students interested in exploring professional careers in writing, editing, design, marketing, or online publishing.

Have questions or want permission to enroll?

Contact Dr. Simon at or by phone at 325-0317.