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Moira Ozias

Moira Ozias is the Associate Director of the Writing Center at the University of Oklahoma.  She holds an MA in Composition and Language and an MSW, both from the University of Kansas.  Her research interests include peer learning and collaboration, community literacies, community-university partnerships, and the intersections of critical race and writing center studies.


Her publications are featured in the Teachers College RecordPraxis, and Composition Forum, as well as the book Writing Centers and the New Racism: A Call for Sustainable Dialogue and Change.  She often co-authors with current writing center consultants and has recently published a multi-modal article on race and writing centers with consultants in Across the Disciplines.


Moira's current collaborations include work on anti-affirmative action discourse (with T. Elon Dancy), critical peer tutor education (with Jasmine Kar Tang and Beth Godbee), and service-learning for social justice (with Penny Pasque).


Moira Ozias

Associate Director

OU Writing Center